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Mister Art:
The laboratory of
ideas built on your

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Mister Art is a continuous artisanal Gelato production machine
In a single machine, Mister Art incorporates the typical gelato production area: mixture is pasteurized in the upper tank, gelato is frozen in the lower cylinder.
The artisanal mix is made with natural ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, fruit pulp, and so on. They are poured into the tank, following the instructions on the display. 
The shape and speed of the beater mixes the ingredients, and pasteurization at 65°C sanitizes them. This mix passes through the patented Carpigiani pump into the freezing cylinder. 
The machine produces continuously. Each time product is extracted, an equal amount of mix passes from the pasteurization tank into the cylinder, which, continuing to freeze, always has product ready.

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