The creativity of Gelato and Sorbet on a Stick. And much more...

Combined with Mister Art or Mister Art Plus, making Gelato Cakes and Sticks has never been so easy.


With this innovative Carpigiani blast freezer, the creation of stick gelato and gelato cakes is easy, fast and fantastic. FantaStick is equipped with 2 mold racks for a total of 48 gelato sticks.


Rapid cooling because when filling the molds from the top all the cold remains inside, so the freezing is very efficient and fast. FantaStick makes it possible to complete the crystallization of the mixture so the gelato maintains its overrun and remains chewable even at -18°C.


Double opening: from the top for filling the molds and through the front for traditional use.

Control panel: blast freezing for Gelato Cakes and Sticks (-35°C), blast freezing for Gelato (-18°C), blast chilling for Pastry (+3°C).

Temperature Probe for sensing the temperature at the core of the products; can be heated for easy extraction from the product after freezing.


Carpigiani FantaStick machines are versatile and ergonomic.


Evaporator: with steel deflector mounted on hinges for full cleaning and inspection of all parts.

Technical Characteristics
Air temperature -35/-40 °C
Complete mould capacity 2
Each mould 24 85 cc treats
production Temperature +3/-18 °C
production time 30 min
Production cycle 48 treats
Hourly production
75 gr portions prova
Condenser Air or Water**
Hz 50*
Ph 1*
Volt 230*
Rated Power Input kW 1,4
W x D x H cm min 79 x 70 x 85
Net Weight kg 130
Note * Other voltages and cycles are available with additional charge. ** Water-cooled versions available with additional charge. Production will vary depending on the ingredients used. FantaStick, Mister Art and Mister Art Plus are manufactured by Carpigiani according to a UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.