Maestro* HCD

Surprise customers 365 days a year.

With Maestro you can increase productivity while saving energy.

Transform your ice cream parlour into a “Top-quality Gelato and Pastisserie Establishment.”
Broaden the range of your products and expand your clientele.
Increase profits with just one machine.

Maestro technology is covered by patents and guaranteed by Carpigiani, which has been using it on its automatic
pasteurizers for more than 30 years. 

This technology offers extremely versatile sweet and pastry production as well as significant energy savings
compared to other heating sources. In fact, on Maestro, both hot and cold are produced using the refrigerating
system compressor and four fully integrated circuits controlled by the Hot-Cold-Dynamic® system.

Technical Characteristics
Beater 3 speeds
Gelato produced
Qty per cycle max. lt 7,0
Qty per cycle min. lt 2,0
Mix added
Qty per cycle max. kg 5,0
Qty per cycle min. kg 1,5*
Quantity per cycle | Programs
Tempered Chocolate | max. kg 5,0
Tempered Chocolate | min. kg 2,5
Custard | max. kg 6,0
Custard | min. kg 3,0
Granita | max. kg 4,0
Granita | min. kg 2,0
Topping | max. kg 6,0
Topping | min. kg 3,0
Yogurt | max. kg 6,0
Yogurt | min. kg 2,5
Condenser Water, Air available with surcharge
Hz 50
Ph 3
Volt 400
Fuse Size A 16
Nominal Power kW 3,8
Dimension at base Depth cm 65
Dimension at base Height cm 140
Dimension at base Width cm 50
Net Weight kg 240
Note Production varies according to the raw materials used *Quantity is based on the “Excellent” cycle All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.