Pastochef 55 RTL

Electronic Pasteurizing Machines for Confectionery and Gastronomy

Pastochef RTL machines mix, cook, pasteurize, cool, and store creams, mixes, Bavarian creams, sauces, and other specialties for pastry, gelato, and savory dishes.


46 complete automatic programs and 5 free programs.

Each program uses the typical temperatures and mixes for the product being made, but they can always be personalized to meet your needs.

The display guides you through the step-by-step introduction of ingredients.


Heating and Cooling in a dry bain-marie avoids build-up while maintaining performance and energy consumption constant over time.

Beater with 8 different mixing modes: the scrapers and the particular shape of the removable blade create a vertical and horizontal helical motion that ensures complete mixing and cooking of the product.


Extraction tap: one dispensing position for liquid products and one for dense products.

Lid: double with a large hopper to comfortably add ingredients while the mixing is active, working in complete safety.

Shelf: in steel with a rubber mat. It can be attached in three different positions and secured to the machine right side up or upside down to support containers and trays of various sizes.

Recipe book: supplied with the machine.


Carpigiani Pastochef machines allow you to do your job easily and to save time, all with perfect hygiene.


Extraction tap: opens after unlocking the safety valve with one hand.

Transparent protection: to contain the hot splashes of product being dispensed.

Blackout and water supply cutoff: based on time and temperature parameters, the machine checks if the mix has suffered an alteration or not and if necessary starts a new pasteurization cycle.

Optional Teorema: monitoring and diagnosis via the internet for easier assistance.


Total cleaning: The tap can be completely disassembled, washed, and inspected to guarantee maximum machine hygiene.

Carpi Care kit: request one from your dealer to keep your machine hygienically perfect.

in 2 hours lt 50
Quantity per cycle | Programs
Chocolate | max. kg 40
Chocolate | min. kg 10
Custard | max. kg 50
Custard | min. kg 25
Condenser Water**
Hz 50*
Ph 3*
Volt 400*
Fuse Size A 10
Rated Power Input kW 5,6
Dimension at base Depth cm 72
Dimension at base Height cm 119
Dimension at base Width cm 65,8
Net Weight kg 251
Note The hourly production rate varies according to the ingredients used. Production rates refer to an ambient temperature of 25°C and a water temperature of 20°C in the condenser. * Other voltages and cycles are available with additional charge ** Air-cooled versions available with additional charge The above dimensions and weight refer to the water cooled version. The Pastochef RTL machines are made by Carpigiani according to a Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.