Turbomix 10

Turbomix является необходимым средством приготовления всех видов смесей

Turbomix от Карпиджиани является необходимым средством приготовления всех видов смесей, без которых невозможно представить современное заведение, торгующее мороженым.
Он может использоваться для взбалтывания, смешивания, приготовления эмульсии, измельчения сухих или волокнистых ингредиентов, сепарирования жира и жидкости, чтобы получить превосходные однородные смеси мороженого


The Carpigiani Turbomix is an absolute necessity for modern gelato production to prepare all the mixes. Use it to blend, emulsify, and disperse dry, fibrous, and fat ingredients in the liquids for uniform mixes.


The Turbomix has a stable, vertical tabletop structure to which the motor-carrying arm is attached. It features a powerful variable-speed motor with vertical and oscillating movement. It comes with two different blades, one for creams and flavoring pastes, and one for fresh or frozen fruit.


Cream Blade: the perfect beater for fully dispersing sugary or fatty flavoring pastes into base mixes.

Fruit Blade: ideal for chopping and blending pieces of fresh or frozen fruit and for dispersing fruit purees in the base mix.

The optional Cutter is a rotary blender to chop up large pieces of fruit, even pears and apples.


Turbomix allows you to do your job easily and produce perfectly uniform gelato mixes.


The Turbomix operates only when both of the operator’s hands are on the control handles. The speed is adjusted by sliding your thumbs on the handles themselves. After 10 seconds of continuous contact of the hands on the handles, the machine emits an acoustic and visual signal indicating the possibility of automatic operation.


Replacing Blades: by unscrewing the ring placed under the motor, the blade can be released and removed for changing.

The coupling between motor and rotor is made of plastic and is easily replaceable, thus protecting the machine in case of improper use. At the end of the working day, the blades used must be fully disassembled for complete cleaning.

Технические характеристики
Motor RPM 3.000 - 12.000
Rotor speed approx 22 m/sec
Количество за цикл
Max. 15 litres
Min. 3 litres*
Технические характеристики
Гц 50/60
Фаза 1
Вольт 230
Номинальная мощность kW 0,75
W x D x H cm max cm. 44 x 50 x 114
W x D x H cm min cm. 44 x 50 x 76
Net Weight kg 65
Примечание *with a suitable container or even smaller quantities. Turbomix is produced by Carpigiani with Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.