Blast Freezers and Chillers

The Nordika range of blast freezers makes it easy to find the right model for your shop.

Carpigiani has always interpreted the requirements of professional ice cream parlors and pastry shops to help them improve their production and organize work in the best possible way.

Nordika blast freezers and chillers for Gelato

Carpigiani Nordika blast freezers are professional ice cream machines for ice cream parlors who choose production systems with a high technology content, to guarantee the best quality ice cream.

In fact, the residual free water is rapidly transformed into microcrystals in ice cream prepared with the Nordika blast freezers,. In this way, the ice cream mantains its initial superior quality for a longer period. It is creamier, it has more volume and it is easier to serve.

Nordika blast freezers and chillers for Pastry

Carpigiani Nordika blast freezers and chillers are machines for professional confectioners who require highly advanced production systems, and know how to manage the cold chain in professional work, and guarantee the maximum quality of their products.

In fact, you can prepare and cook sweets, creams, breads and pizzas in advance, confident that the blast freezer/chiller will keep the freshness, form, taste and consistency.

Note The manufacturer reserves the right to make any change in form and materials without prior notice. The weights, measurements, etc. are indicative. The Nordika machines are made by Carpigiani according to a Certified Quality System UNI ENI ISO 9001 and are cETLus Listed.

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