Twin twist floor standing machine to produce soft-serve and frozen yogurt

Maximum versatility and high production capacity: pump or gravity fed, the machine suitable for all customers

Large production capacity
Continuous production is guaranteed even during peak hours

Production flexibility and versatility
Satisfy all your customers needs by offering a wide range of products: soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, fruit sorbets and single portions


Optional Configurations

Heat Treatment (SP function)
Makes it possible to allow up to 14 + days between scheduled disassembly and cleaning.
Teorema Remote Control
It gives very important info about the machine, it facilitates the service system and helps the cleaning schedule
Single portions kit
Optional nozzles to fill cups and tartlets and to produce ice cream single portions
Optional mixer with disposable spoons to swirl toppings into the ice cream
Dry Filling System
Possibility of preparing the mix directly in the hopper by adding water and dry mix

Features & Benefits

Two beater motors and separate cooling systems
The independent cylinders allow simultaneous production of different types of ice cream
Independent pump transmissions (P model)
Help to extend the pump and gears life and allow flexibility and maximum performance
Self closing device
The dispensers close automatically stopping the flow of ice cream, eliminating any waste and preventing mess
Technical Characteristics
flavour 2+1
Mix Delivery System Gravity or Pump
Hopper Capacity
Hopper Capacity 13.7 + 13.7 quarts
Hourly production
75 gr portions 670 (500 portions of 3.5 oz sized)
kg 50 kg (110 lb)
Cooling System Air or water
Hz 60
Ph 3
Volt 208-230
Fuse Size A 35 Amps max fuse size
Dimension at base Depth cm 78.2 cm (36.61 in)
Dimension at base Height cm 160.5 cm (63.18 in)
Dimension at base Width cm 50 cm (19.68 in)
Net Weight kg Gravity version 300 kg (661 lb), Pump version 310 kg (683 lb)
Note The Gravity version has a 30-40% overrun. The Pump version has a 40-80% overrun. Production time depends on the mix used and the room temperature. All specifications must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary. XVL are made by Carpigiani according to UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System, cULus Safety and EPH Sanitation.