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You won't want to miss the Carpigiani booth this year at NAFEM. We will be showcasing three different concepts in our booth including Fantasticks 4U, Gelato 4U and a Coffee Kiosk. Additionally, we will have a Magica and 193 live in our booth. There is sure to be something for every type of foodservice customer in the Carpigiani booth.

Carpigiani will be making gelato bars with the new UC-191k countertop soft serve model and Fantastick Blast Freezer. The UC-191k countertop features a unique cylinder construction that delivers creamy, smooth soft serve ice cream and gelato The gelato will then be injected into Fantastick's 48 molds and placed in the Fantastick Blast freezer, which freezes the gelato bars in approximately 30 minutes in an ergonomic position so as to preserve the microcrystal, cellular structure.. The Fantastick Blast Freezer can also serve as a blast freezer for other items as well as a preparation display cabinet. Carpigiani will offer three coating options and up to twelve topping options to add to the gelato bar, making it the ultimate customizable treat.

Carpigiani will showcase their three-step plan in creating a customized gelato experience for customers across the industry that will minimize costs and maximize ROI. 

The "Gelato 4 U" equipment package includes Carpigiani's Maestro batch freezer, a Carpigiani Blast Freezer, Display Case and IFI Topping Station. Customers simply select the size of gelato, the gelato flavors, and then any number of toppings for a customized and authentic Italian gelato experience. Carpigiani's "Gelato 4 U" is versatile in design and can be introduced as a standalone business or in schools and universities, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and beyond.

"'Gelato 4 U' demonstrates Carpigiani technology in a customizable, low cost investment, quick ROI concept that can be a stand-alone shop, shop in shop, mobile vending truck, kiosk or versatile retail addition that can bring substantial incremental growth to an establishment by easily incorporating this healthy, fresh frozen dessert alternative," said John Babila, President of Carpigiani USA.    

Carpigiani's Maestro line provides intelligent, dynamic control of the whole gelato making cycle, offering six options to produce artisan gelato, two production programs for granitas and slushes and six cycles to produce sauces and toppings. Hard-O-Dynamic technology achieves consistency with every batch. Their Tru-2 feature provides flexibility for both gelato and American ice cream. Carpigiani batch freezers are recognized as the global leader in batch freezer technology.

From the Maestro, gelato will then be transferred into one of Carpigiani's Blast freezers to chill the product down to serving temperature. The product is then placed in a Carpigiani Display Case, where customers can choose from an assortment of fruit, nut or sweet toppings at the IFI topping station to create the perfect "Gelato 4 U" experience.


Carpigiani will offer frozen drinks, coffee, hot chocolate and frozen desserts to highlight their versatile line of products applicable in coffee bars, restaurants, QSR's and beyond.

"This concept clearly illustrates the potential of enhanced incremental revenue coffee shops can realize while requiring only minimal investment and gaining rapid ROI by simply adding Gelato, Ice cream, frozen drinks, fresh flavored whip cream & thick original Italian hot chocolate to their menu that many international markets reap the benefits of today," said John Babila, president of Carpigiani USA.
Carpigiani's Softybar produces authentic soft serve ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt parfaits, affogato (vanilla gelato topped with hot espresso) and sorbet with the rich quality and smooth texture expected from Carpigiani. Softybar is extremely easy to use; users simply pour a specific frozen dessert mix into the refrigerated container and the machine does the rest. With a footprint of less than 12 inches wide, Softybar is designed to fit virtually any location. It also features a refrigerated, ventilated cabinet and vertical ventilation design to keep the mix and product at the proper temperature. Softybar offers fast cleaning, low maintenance and fast ROI through compact design, fewer parts and less labor, making it ideal for coffee shop applications.
The Chocolady will offer rich, thick Italian style hot chocolate in Carpigiani's Coffee Kiosk. This machine uses bain-marie heating to prevent chocolate from burning and continuous stirring of the product to maintain a smooth, creamy and decadent consistency. This product features a thermostat for adjusting temperature, special anti-clogging spigot, stainless steel boiler and a new product bowl that can be removed quickly, cutting down on cleaning time and ensure consistent quality.
Carpigiani's easy to use, one movement slush dispenser, Spin Twist, will also be on display. This simple, sleek dispenser can deliver two-flavor frozen drinks and cocktails in a glass either side by side or in a twist in one swift easy motion, making it perfect for coffee shops, Spin Twist consists of a freezer connected to two clear bowls that display the available slush flavors. Carpigiani's new dispenser offers two single flavors and a twist. This new dispenser has a footprint of 18.5x20x32 inches and a high production capacity of 3.17 gallons per bowl, making it invaluable during peak service hours.
Carpigiani will also display the Kwik Whipper, which is used to top coffee drinks, hot chocolate, smoothies and pastries with freshly whipped cream made using air that can also be flavored and density-controlled, lasting four times longer than can-type products. The KW50 can cut whipped topping costs by up to 40 percent. The KW-50 produces up to 30 gallons of finished product per hour and is compact and self-contained.

We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim!

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