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The conquest of China, the personal consulting service and the new master course

Increasingly frequently, Peruvians, Americans, Japanese, Russians and Chinese present at our Gelato University. They don aprons, white hats with the little cloud emblem… and prepare to become successful ice-cream makers! The fact that ice cream is now outstripping pizza and spaghetti as the symbol of things Italian, has a lot to do with the our "maestros". "This year we organised more than 300 courses for more than 6 thousand people. That signifies either creating a market from scratch or giving impetus to already established businesses. We started offering a personal consulting service in ice-cream parlours, too. Working side by side with the Chinese in Shanghai we have developed recipes based on soybean, a widely used legume in that part of the world. It’s all part of creating home-made Italian ice cream to meet local tastes and traditions", says Giampaolo Valli. Apart from taking time out to run the Talk Show organised at the Host trade fair in Milan, our gelato-experts throw themselves into their job of teaching tomorrow’s ice-cream impresarios about ingredient weighting, pasteurisation and freezing. There is also an "academic" acknowledgement for ice-cream makers at the top. The Carpigiani Gelato University’s Master Course trains a selected number of ice-cream professionals for top-rung competition. Internationally acclaimed ice cream experts reveal the secrets of award-winning ice-cream making (

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