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Carpigiani gelato as protagonist of Identita' Golose: celebrities and gelato masters

Bologna, 20 February 2009 - Carpigiani gelato machines made the fifth edition of the Italian (and international) cooking and pastry meeting "Identita' Golose" even sweeter. At the celebration that took place from 1-3 February 2009 at Milan's Convention Centre in via Gattamelata, "star" chefs worked with three models of Quartetto and a LBT+PSM+TMIX+BOIL5 system. The company's presence was particularly appreciated: with a stand located in a prime position, all visitors were able to taste "good, fresh and natural" gelato prepared by Maestro Alessandro Racca according to the best Italian artisan tradition.

Fifty kilos of gelato served in four days of the fair: these are Carpigiani's numbers.

From flavours characterized by High Quality ingredients like vanilla and dark chocolate 74% from the Dominican Republic to the most innovative ones like Green Tea and wild fennel seed, to creative experiments like Buffalo Milk, Islay Whiskey aged for twelve years, Basil flavored Olive Oil, Monterosso Lemon and Savona Root Beer, Carpigiani never stopped amazing the public.

The Carpigiani Corner also welcomed some "speakers of excellence": internationally recognized teachers like Sergio Dondoli, Sergio Colalucci, Giancarlo Timballo, Mauro Petrini, Angelo Corvitto and Palmiro Bruschi, based at the Antica Gelateria stand. Last but not least, television host Davide Mengacci couldn't resist the sweet temptations prepared by Carpigiani machines and was eager to learn more.

"Everyone was there - said Alessandro Racca -: and they all showed a great interest in new forms of gelato, not just related to taste but also to Carpigiani's imperative to "de-season" consumption, the raw term standing for selling outside the summer".

Foto top left: Davide Mengacci (left) and Alessandro Racca (right)

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