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I.M.S. Manual of Integrated Management System for Quality and Social Accountability UL Listing Marks & NSF Certification

Formulated in accordance with the following standards:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 "Quality Management Systems – Requirements"

The Quality Management System adopted by the CARPIGIANI GROUP regulates the application of process management in order to:

  • ensure the regular and consistent supply of products which meet the requirements of the customer and the mandatory requirements of national and international regulations (directives, laws and product standards for which a machine model certification exists)
  • increase customer satisfaction through the efficient application of the system, including processes for continued improvement

"Social Accountability"

By implementing the Social Accountability Management System, the Company is acting in conformity with the principles laid down in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the ILO Conventions and Recommendations. It therefore applies the international norms, national labor legislation and collective bargaining agreements referred to in the SA8000 standard on its local premises, adopting, where applicable, the provisions most favorable to workers, in particular as regards:

  • non-use of child labor and limitations on the employment of minors;
  • non-use of forced labor;
  • workplace health and safety;
  • freedom of association, the right to representation and the right to collective bargaining;
  • equal opportunities for all workers and prohibition of all forms of discrimination;
  • respect for all personnel with regard to disciplinary practices


To request an unabridged copy of the IMS Manual, send an email to:

UL Listing Mark

"The UL Listing Mark is one of the most common Safety Marks for North America

If a product carries this Mark, it means UL found that representative product samples met UL's safety requirements. These requirements are primarily based on UL's own published standards for safety.

The optional C-UL-US Mark indicates compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements.

The UL Listing Mark appears on end products and complete components suitable for factory and field installation.

All of the products carrying a UL Listing Mark are covered by UL's Follow-Up Services program to verify that end products and components carrying the UL Listing Mark continue to be manufactured in compliance with UL's safety requirements."

NSF Certification Mark

"NSF represents technical excellence in public health and safety.

Since 1944, NSF has been certifying products and writing standards that help protect food, water, and consumer goods. Throughout this time, NSF has worked with key government and regulatory bodies, manufacturers and consumers to emphasize public health and safety.

The registered NSF Certification Mark on a food equipment product confirms that NSF has assessed -- and certified -- its conformity with the relevant NSF/ANSI standard. As part of the certification process, the production facility is audited annually. The purpose of this audit is to assure that all the requirements of the standard continue to be met, quality assurance and quality control procedures are followed in fabrication."

Local Agency Approvals

Regulatory agencies throughout the U.S. vary in their requirements relating to the equipment processing dairy-based mix products. When Carpigiani mix-processing machines are being specified within a business establishment, either retail or wholesale, the end-user customer must work closely with local inspectors and appropriate agencies. Each locality has different approaches and criteria for approving these units for operation. Carpigiani accepts no responsibilities relating to the eventual approval of these units relating to individual processes. The Carpigiani-USA staff will work with end users and provide information to agencies as requested. However, regulators within the end user's region must make the final approval for an application. It is imperative that discussions with agencies be initiated very early in the planning stages when these pieces of equipment are being considered for processing. Please contact the Carpigiani-USA office for any questions on national agency approvals for any specific machine.

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