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Space for creativity

Welcome to the workshop of sweet ideas.

The most spectacular cakes, largest chocolate eggs and creamiest fillings are the result of a work in which times, temperatures and the patient and continuous mixing of ingredients are essential: one mistake of a few minutes in heating or cooling too quickly and the structure collapses.

Pastry art requires years of experience and constant care. Carpigiani machines represent the ideal aid for the pastry chef: they are precise, silent and allow the Maestro all the time needed to unleash one's creativity and invent magnificent decorations and structures around creams, pastries, pralines, honey nougat, as well as bechamel, cheese fillings or ham and ragout for tasty buffets.

With Maestro you can increase productivity while saving energy. Transform your ice cream parlour into a “Top-quality Gelato and Pastisserie Establishment.” Broaden the range of your products and expand your clientele. Increase profi ts with just one machine.

Pastochef RTL machines mix, cook, pasteurize, cool, age and store, in perfect hygiene, the many specialities that confectioners, ice cream makers, chocolatiers and chefs create in their workshops. Pastochef RTL machines have 45 full automatic programmes and 5 free programmes; each programme includes the typical temperatures and suitable mixes for the product being made, which can be changed to suit specific needs. The large display screen contains helpful suggestions for progressively adding ingredients.

Pastry and more... No obstacles to creativity

Your entire laboratory in 1 square meter

191 FP
191 FP
The CARPIGIANI 191/FP is a counter-top machine for making frozen pastry desserts. It comes with a pump and two spigots with five different nozzles to easily and quickly produce delicious single portions and tasty desserts as well as classic ice cream, sorbet and gelato.

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