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Carpigiani Electronic Machines for Pastry and Gourmet Foods

Your entire laboratory in 1 square meter

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The most spectacular cakes, largest chocolate eggs and creamiest fillings are the result of extremely precise cook times, temperatures and constant mixing of ingredients: one mistake in cooking cooling or timing and the structure collapses. The art of the pastry chef requires experience gained through years of trials and constant attention. The Carpigiani Pastochef represents the ideal partner: it is precise, silent and allows the master time to explore his creativity by inventing magnificent decorations around creams, pastries, pralines and nougats as well as besciamella sauces, cream and cheese fillings, ham and meat sauce fillings. Today by just adding few additional selected equipment, it will be possible to have an entire pastry laboratory in less than a square meter.

Technical data

Please view technical data under each product

A complete package including:
- Whip Cream machine: Kw 50 - Kw77
Gas free unit, makes sweet and savory mousse, whipped cream.
Keeps product refrigerated until dispensed.

- Pastochef: Pc18 - Pc32 - Pc55
The ideal partner that blend, cooks, heat, cool, age and preserves
an unlimited number of specialties with no mistake.

- Blast Freezer
For top-quality preservation in the catering, confectionery, ice-cream,
pastry and bread-making industries.

- Batch Freezer: Lb100 - Lb 200
Compact units that offers the same quality of our larger models. In
a matter of minutes, you can create the finest gelato, ice cream, sorbet and more.



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