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italian gelato
frozen dessert bars/cakes/pastry
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gelato & american ice cream
soft serve & gelato
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hot chocolate & whipped cream
granitas, shakes & combo machines
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With Maestro you can increase productivity while saving energy.
Transform your ice cream parlour into a “Top-quality Gelato and Pastisserie Establishment.”
Broaden the range of your products and expand your clientele.
Increase profi ts with just one machine.

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Cooling and batch freezing
The Hot-Cold-Dynamic® system adjusts the cold based on the quantity and quality of the product in progress, for gelato, granitas and sorbets, prepared to perfection.

Heating and cooking
The Hot-Cold-Dynamic® system modulates the hot gas with the utmost precision and according to the product being made; this means that there is no burning or
sticking for custards, sauces and chocolate pralines of the highest quality.

Buttons and display
Buttons with simple and intuitive icons. Display that shows production data and suggestions regarding the ingredients.

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