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Shake and sundae heat treatment combination freezer

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  • Top of the line, combines two high volume freezers that may be run independently
  • Production Capacity: 84 lbs. of ice cream and 88 lbs (68 qts) of shake
  • The advanced Carpigiani direct hot gas heat treatment system eliminates bacteria, allowing for 14 day cleaning cycles to maximize machine performance & longevity.
  • The simplicity of the Carpigiani patented mix pumps guarantee's consistent overrun and maximizes restaurant profitability.
  • The peristaltic pump delivery system optimizes restaurants TTS syrup use with or without fruit particulates. The syrup valves are easily removable for sanitizing.
  • Carpigiani's state-of-the-art control pad informs the operator during every machine function while also providing critical diagnostic information.
  • The Carpigiani Hard-O-Tronic consistency control constantly checks the viscosity of the product. It manages the refrigeration system to deliver to your customer the best quality shake & ice-cream product available.
  • Carpigiani's smart technology stores each and every machine event and can be recalled during diagnostic, statistic and operational review.
  • Carpigiani's unique electrical technology maximizes efficiency while helping to reduce restaurant energy costs.

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