Pasto 30 XPL



  • 该机器有三种全自动的浆料巴氏消毒程序:65°C巴氏消毒;85°C巴氏消毒;90°C巴氏消毒。
  • 出料嘴:人性化设计,可便捷的控制浆料的打出量。该设计保证每次浆料打出后出料嘴内均无残留,更卫生、安全。
  • 停电和停水:机器恢复供电后可以自动检测浆料的温度,以决定是继续进行巴氏消毒还是重新开始新的一轮消毒。
max. lt 30
min. lt 15
冷凝器 Water**
Hz 50*
Ph 3*
V 400*
熔断电流A 16
功率(kW) 3,4
Dimension at base Depth cm 85
Dimension at base Height cm 103
Dimension at base Width cm 39
Net Weight kg 140
备注 Performance values refer to 25°C room temperature and 20°C water temperature in the condenser. * Other voltages and cycles available with surcharge. ** Air condenser available with surcharge. The above dimensions and weight refer to the water cooled version. The Pasto XPL are manufactured by Carpigiani using a UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.