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Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University is a Specialty School with the mission to spread new concepts created by fusing traditional Italian gelato and high-level pastry. Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University in based in Tokyo and offers to its students an advanced curriculum, by employing part of the world-renowned Carpigiani Gelato University’s methods and objectives. This Specialty School has been designed with the objective of reaching needs of professionals looking to expand their training, with the aim of developing new and creative product lines. For this reason, Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University organizes courses and events all year round with a team of professionals, gelato maestros and renowned pastry chefs coming from different backgrounds, each adding their unique experience and enriching the course's content.

The School organizes events and masterclasses around the world in collaboration with the internationally renowned chefs and culinary institutes. Check out the Worldwide Class Calendar below. If you are interested in Gelato Pastry seminars in Japan, click here (セミナー/).

Instead, if you are interested in Gelato University courses click here.

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