"Pay-per-use" gelato: you can pay just for what you actually use!

Carpigiani now utilizes blockchain technology so that “Pay-per-Use” gelato is finally an option!  By creating an advanced control system that allows owners to keep track of the amount of mix poured into the machine, the blockchain platform receives the data in a secure manner directly from the machine. This allows the operator to pay in proportion to how much he/she is actually using the machine. By using this technology, you can improve your company's productivity and efficiency, minimizing waste and correlating costs with what you actually use.

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Blockchain 161

The Pay-per-Use Ice Cream service consists in providing the customer with a machine that is equipped with a specific blockchain technology. This technology is capable of collecting, combining and correlating a series of data and information related to the machine’s usage. This data influences the calculation of the variable part of the fee paid by the Customer for the use or purchase of the machine. This variable part is determined monthly on the basis of the actual quantity of mix loaded into the machine by the customer.

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