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Here are the next scheduled courses with an international-level faculty

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Carpigiani Gelato University was founded in 2003 with the mission to spread the culture of Italian artisanal gelato. With over 15 campuses located throughout the world, it is currently a world leader in the education of new gelato makers thanks to the network of gelato- and pastry- maestros, entrepreneurs and chefs that are available for those who want to discover and learn the art of Italian gelato.

The consolidation of the Carpigiani Gelato University brought on the establishment of its Specialty Schools, dedicated to the fields where the role of artisanal gelato is developing: Gelato Pastry, dedicated to pastry professionals, and Foodservice Professionals, dedicated to chefs and professionals in the restaurant industry.

Here are the upcoming courses with its international faculty. For Gelato Pastry, the next course will be held on October 29th in Jakarta, at APCA Indonesia, with pastry chef Andrea De Bellis. On November 5th, at the Gelato University in Bologna, a duo will take the stage comparing the Italian school with the French one: gelato- and pastry chef Alessandro Racca, and Stéphane Augé, MOF and pastry professor at Lycée Hotelier in Bordeaux. For chefs and restaurant pastry chefs, the next course is scheduled for October 31st at the Bali Culinary Pastry School with Luca Cappelletti, pastry- and gelato chef. The course is a masterclass entitled “Gelato in Fine Dining”. On November 12th, the classes return to Italy with Fabrizio Fiorani, Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, with his presentation “Gelato: leading or supporting role in dessert?”.

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