Labo 50 90 XPL P

Die Technologie für höchste Produktionseffizienz

Die Maschinen Labo XPL P sind leicht zu bedienende, einfach zu steuernde elektronische Chargenfreezer, die in jedem Eislabor nützlich sind.

Sie sind solide, arbeiten unermüdlich und bieten durch abgerundete Arbeitsbereiche einen hohes Maß an Sicherheit für den Bediener.


3 variable Gefrierprogramme, geeignet für verschiedene Produktionsarten: Gelato, Fruit Gelato, Slush Fruit.


Hard-O-Tronic®: the exclusive system for obtaining the desired gelato by checking its consistency, which can be changed during freezing.

Beater without central shaft and with POM blades for the total extraction of the gelato.

Self-regulating scraper blades for constantly cleaning the cylinder and maximizing yield.

Post-cooling: activation of cold temperatures during extraction to maintain the consistency of the gelato.


Use of the machine while always standing straight.

Stainless steel sprayer with lock at the front of the machine, to facilitate washing.

When the hopper lid is open all the command buttons are still fully accessible, allowing you to start the production cycles even while adding the mix.

Optional Tray-lock mat to facilitate extraction of the gelato.

Optional Steel door to replace the polymer door.


The XPL P batch freezers allow you to do your job easily and to save time.


Accident prevention thanks to the rounded corners throughout the part of the machine closest to the operator.

Optional Teorema: monitoring and diagnosis via the internet for easier assistance.


One-piece cylinder for maximum cleanliness and guaranteed hygiene.

A detachable extraction chute and Scotch-Brite treatment of the steel sheet metal facilitate cleaning.

Carpi Care kit: request one from your dealer to keep your machine hygienically perfect.

kg 35/90
lt 49/135
Eingefüllte Mixmenge pro Zyklus
Menge max. kg 13
Menge min. kg 6
Elektrischer Anschluss
Kondensator Water*
Hz 50
Ph 3
Volt 400
Sicherung A 20
Nennleistung kW 7
Anmerkungen Performance values refer to 25°C room temperature and 20°C water temperature in the condenser. The quantity per cycle and production time vary based on mixes used. The “Max” values refer to classic Italian artisanal gelato. *Air condenser available with surcharge. The above dimensions and weight refer to the water cooled version. Labo XPL machines are manufactured by Carpigiani using a UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.