We are the manufacturers of the world’s finest machines for Gelato and Soft Serve, embodying the very best of Italian Technology. We are, in fact, the largest manufacture of such machines in the world. We aspire to consolidate our position as the industry benchmark and thus maintain optimum conditions for our continued growth.
Our focal points are product innovation, service development and continuous improvement in the manufacturing process. We aim to add value, and guarantee peace of mind, for our customers by tailoring solutions to their individual requirements through the excellence of our distribution and service networks. We will continue to invest in Gelato expertise in all its forms. We will be a partner in the success of our customers by ensuring our organisation is strong & efficient and by nurturing the talent and creativity of our own people. 
Our vision is to spread the Gelato concept worldwide through our daily encounters with other cultures. The experience we have gained since 1946 in over 100 countries has proved invaluable in developing the strategies that will enable us to continue crossing personal, intellectual and territorial boundaries.


Carpigiani is a team of people united by a common passion and an ability to obtain results. This is a team that is industry leader but still open to learning lessons while defining new goals. This is a team that is looking confidently to the future.



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