Frozen Dessert in Foodservice

Frozen dessert started out on the table as a fine dessert served in the European courts of the Renaissance. Precious sculptures of brittle with fruit sorbets, or elaborate molds filled with flavored creams with flowers and spices adorned sumptuous banquets in honor of European notables and rulers. Today gelato is back on the table thanks to the skill of chefs, pastry artisans and Carpigiani technology: a whole range of machines that can offer solutions for every need.

6 reasons to choose Carpigiani

A solution for every need
Carpigiani has taken into consideration the most common needs in the development of new foodservice machines, and our technology can be summarized in six characteristics: quality, performance, convenience, savings, safety, and hygiene.

Always fresh product thanks to a wide range of technological solutions for every space and requirement.

Always perfect results thanks to the intelligent technology that achieves optimal consistency and maintains it until extraction.

Reduced dimensions, ease of installation, and adaptability to activities in the kitchen.

Reduction of food costs and waste using milk, fruit, vegetables and many other ingredients already used in the kitchen.

Rounded edges for the Freeze & Go. Automatic interruption if the doors are opened during freezing. 

Easy to wash and keep clean. 


Chef in the kitchen