The best quality with maximum simplicity

The most advanced and complete system to invent, produce, and store the highest quality products right in front of your customers.

1. Produce: at the same time as you make gelato you can produce toppings, jams, pastry cream, poached fruit, spreadable creams, and other savory recipes to extend your product range. Expand your production from -15°C to +105°C.
2. Store: allows you to store your product directly in the tubs independently, because the machine maintains a constant, controlled temperature for any type of product and recipe.
3. Serve the customer immediately with maximum freshness: your freshly made product is ready to serve, there’s no need to extract it, and it doesn’t undergo any thermal


Adaptive technology: smart technology decides what’s best for your products. Maximum quality with maximum simplicity of execution


Each production cylinder is independent. Up to 4 different processes at the same time (freezing, cooling, heating, and/or cooking), while the other cylinders are in storage mode.

Modular technology adapts to the design of your room.

Each freezing module consists of 4 cylinders.

A single cooling module to manage up to 12 freezing cylinders.


7’’ touch-screen display.

Possibility to create and change your recipes.

Static product preservation even during the serving phase.


Ideatre technology allows further energy savings of 20% compared to the motors of the High Efficiency line.


The beater stops when the lid is opened.

Emergency button to stop the machine.

Automatic defrost for all production cycles.


Integrated drainage system for the water used for washing and rinsing.

Heated cleaning to facilitate the elimination of residues.

Sprayer for washing the cylinders.

Capacité cylindres
Capacité cylindres kg 3,5
Condenseur Water
Hz 50
Ph 3
Volt 400
Fusibile A 25*
Puissance nominale kW 15*
4 pozzetti | W x D x H cm 98 x 81,5 x 104
refrigeration system | W x D x H cm 98 x 81,5 x 104
remote refrigeration system** | W x D x H cm 95 x 51 x 126**
Note ** Remote cooling module located at a maximum of 10 m. Ideatre is produced by Carpigiani according to Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate. Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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