Carpigiani’s T Line: the ideal machines for adding soft serve to your business

Carpigiani’s T line includes the single-flavor 161 T G SP and the twin twist 243 T SP: both are compact, counter-top, self-pasteurizing, single-phase soft serve machines that can accommodate a wide range of liquid mixtures for making high-quality Soft Serve Gelato, Ice cream, Sorbets, Frozen Yogurt, and even plant-based Soft Serve. 

Thanks to the compact size of the T line models, it has never been easier to add single-phase soft serve machines to almost any location. The rear chimney air cooling system allows the machines to be placed beside other equipment and even right up against the back counter.

Regardless of the type of liquid mixture being used, The Hard-O-Tronic® control system allows you to choose and even change the consistency of the final product.
The 161 T G SP is gravity-fed with a 5-liter tank capacity. The 243 T SP is available in either gravity version with an 8-liter tank capacity on each side, or pump-fed version with a 5-liter tank capacity on each side.


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