Adaptive Technology features the latest generation of batch freezers and pasteurizers able to manage all kinds of mixes and ensure the best possible result.

Thanks to the latest evolution of Carpigiani's renowned consistency control system, the Maestro HE and Labotronic HE batch freezers are able to assess the type and quantity of mix being frozen and adjust accordingly. This way the machine's performance is always perfect and freezing times are reduced. Thanks to this system it is possible to manage gelato recipes having an average of 40% less total solids (sugars, fats, milk proteins, fibers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc.) compared to the classic system.

Adaptive Technology pasteurizers are equipped with an exchange pump cup, a patented technology that allows superior micronization of the mixture with a surprising reduction of the fat globules. The one-piece pump facilitates cleaning and allows working with raw milk. The extractable conveyor can also be changed with pieces of different sizes that can be adapted to mixes with different viscosities.


Adative technology