Mister Art Plus

Ideal for filling in cake, stick and many other ideas

The new technology that fills your business with life. Ideal for filling in cake, stick and many other ideas.


Mister Art is specially designed for filling molds for Ice Cream cakes, pastry molds & premium Ice Cream pop molds.

Machine can accommodate and heat-treat most mixtures ranging from dairy, fruit, powdered and water-based ingredients.

Mister art has a precise process for each function ranging from premium soft serve, frozen pastry, semifreddo, mouse and creams. 


Fill molds with the utmost freedom of movement using the hose and portioning pistol.

Mister Art manual includes 58 unique recipes with min & max yields.

Opportunity & Savings

Broaden the product offer by adding frozen cakes and pastries.

Greatly reduce labor intensive production times.

Maintain the upmost quality with high-over run desserts


Heated cleaning of the cylinder to simplify cleaning operations.

Dispensing assembly is made of insulated, anti-condensation material. 

Optional Teorema: monitoring and diagnosis via the internet for easier assistance.


Automatic heat-treatment system to sanitize all parts of the machine that come into contact with the product.

Entire production process from heat-treatment to freezing is done inside the same machine

Optional quick attach water sprayer to wash machine.

Technical Characteristics
Pump Gears Yes
Tank Capacity
lt 12+12 lt (3+3 gal)
Hourly production
75g Gelato portions 485 (2.6 oz)
85cc Stick treats 580 (2.9 oz)
Fuse Size A 30 Amps Max fuse size; 30 Amps minimum circuit ampacity
Net Weight kg 225 kg (496 lb)
Air-cooled version | W x D x H cm 55 x 87.5 x 89 cm (22 x 34 x 35 in)
Water-cooled version |W x D x H cm 55 x 83 x 85 cm (22 x 32 x 33.5 in)

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