The counter-top machine for whipped cream, parfaits and mousses, with a production capacity of 80 kg per hour

The Carpigiani machine for whipping cream and producing parfaits, sweet and savory mousses.

It is possible to equip the machine with a steel and plastic nozzle kit of different sizes and shapes to decorate products quickly and easily. The hopper capacity is 6 L. The machine is equipped with a control for variable, constant and timed dispensing for serving control.

With the optional dispensing pedal, the machine allows variable dispensing while leaving your hands free during use.


Thanks to the flexible and versatile Carpigiani whipped cream machines, in addition to whipped cream you can expand your product range by adding innovative and creative recipes. With simplicity and speed it will be possible to produce semifreddos and sweet and savory mousses of exquisite class, harmoniously blending a wide range of flavors.


Carpigiani’s patented texturizer increases collisions among fat molecules, and the pump incorporates air to make a perfect whipped cream and more.

Thanks to the pump you can adjust the air-product mixture to whip natural, vegetable, and other types of cream.


Pump that can be easily removed without tools for quick cleaning.

Tank drain connects directly to the outside for easy drainage and cleaning.

Optional for all models: nozzle kit with different sizes and shapes, in stainless steel (like for a pastry bag) and plastic.

Optional for Jetwip/g, a foot pedal to free up the operator’s hands while using the whipped cream machine


Carpigiani whipped cream machines allow you to do your job easily and to save time.


The dispensing system is refrigerated all the way up to the outlet made of special material to prevent condensation, guaranteeing maximum hygiene during production and storage.

Drip collector can also be used as hygienic dispenser protection when the machine is not in use.

Carpi Care kit: request one from your dealer to keep your machine hygienically perfect.

Technical Characteristics
pump Gears
Tank Capacity
lt 6
Hourly production
kg 80*
lt 240**
Hz 50/60
Ph 1
Volt 220-230
Fuse Size A 10
Rated Power Input kW 0,5
W x D x H cm max 31 x 62 x 51
Net Weight kg 53
Note * Hourly output can vary subject to the kind of cream used ** Calculating an average volume increase of 200% Carpigiani whipped cream machines are produced according to a Quality System certified UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate. Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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