K3 E

Shake & Sundae heat-treatment combo freezer

The K3 machine is our most advanced unit for combined production of shakes and sundaes. It features two independent, high-volume freezers in one compact structure. If needed, one side can be stopped while the other side remains in full operation.

Performance and Quality

The Carpigiani Hard-O-Tronic consistency control constantly checks the viscosity of the product. It manages the refrigeration system to deliver to your customer the best quality shake & ice-cream product available. Production Capacity: 84 lbs. of ice cream and 88 lbs (68 qts) of shake.


Carpigiani’s smart technology stores each and every machine event and can be recalled during diagnostic, statistic and operational review. State-of-the-art control pad informs the operator during every machine function while also providing critical diagnostic information.


Carpigiani patented mix pumps guarantees consistent overrun and maximizes restaurant profitability. Carpigiani’s unique electrical technology maximizes efficiency while helping to reduce restaurant energy costs.


Optional TEOREMA provides remote tracking of servings, cleanings and alerting of service requirements to both service team and operator.


The peristaltic pump delivery system optimizes restaurants TTS syrup use with or without fruit particulates. The syrup valves are easily removable for sanitizing. Our automatic heat treatment system makes it possible to set the automatic heat treatment at a maximum interval of 42 days. *Always check with your Local Health inspector as cleaning requirements may vary.

Technical Characteristics
flavour Shake side: 5 flavors. Sundae side: 1 flavor.
Mix Delivery System Pump
Hopper Capacity
Hopper Capacity 21 quarts (19.9 liters)
Cooling System Air
Hz 60
Ph 3
Volt 208-230
Fuse Size A Max fuse size 30 Amps; minimum circuit ampacity 28 amps
Refrigerant R-449A
Note All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary. This unit may be manufactured in other electrical characteristics and may have additional regulatory agency approvals, please consult the local Carpigiani Distributor. Check name plate for exact electrical data.

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