Counter top Soft Serve

The Carpigiani reputation for the smoothest, creamiest soft serve in the market is proven with this powerful, customizable model. 

UC-191 machines will outperform any comparable soft serve dispenser.

Lowest power consumption and the least amount of components to clean.

Unique cylinder construction delivers better results using less electricity.

Features & Benefits

1x18 quarts hopper (gravity model) / 1x13 quarts hopper (pump model)
Floor model hopper size, greater production in less time and less re-filling
Mixer in the hopper. (AV/SP model only)
No mix separation – hopper foaming – cross contamination
Rear top air discharge
Minimum 3" side clearance air cooled
One piece beater (Gravity model only)
One part to clean
Semi-hermetic compressor
Heavy duty, long-lasting more efficient
Heat treatment available
No cleaning requirement up to 14 days
Standby/conservation mode
During long no-use periods, the control storage feature maintains safe product temperatures in the freezing cylinder and mix hopper utilizing minimal energy
Hard O’ Tronic consistency control technology
Exclusive patent system that regulates refrigeration by measuring product viscosity to maintain consistent quality control a must feature when freezing yogurt, gelato and all natural products
Powerful beater motor and compressor
High volume production and high capacity
Independent pump transmissions
Help to extend the pump and gear life
Feeds from the rear of the cylinder
Eliminates need to prime, and allows more controllable overrun – up to 50% on gravity models, up to 80% on pump models
Patented mix injection system
Produces unmatched quality and smoothest consistency
Patented unique freezing cylinder
Optimizes refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime and smoother consistency
Mix low light with audible signal
Alert to refill
Mix out feature
No freeze up
Self-monitoring system
Minimize costly errors
Standard variable overrun setting (40 -80%, depending on mix)
Adjustable for different mix bases
TEOREMA – Remote assistance & monitoring (optional)
Prevent service calls, automatic reporting on machine events
Spigot flow adjustment screw
Adjustable product flow for optimal

Available with 5 configurations:

  • Gravity
  • Gravity with Heat Treatment
  • Pump
  • Pump with Hopper Agitator
  • Pump with Heat Treatment

Both Water- and Air- cooled models are available. 

Customizable front panel is available (minimum of 20 units required): Upgrade from stickers to a fully personalized cover. This unique option – only from Carpigiani – enhances your store image and won’t scratch off because it’s printed on the inside of the cover.

Technical Characteristics
Beater The Gravity model has a plastic beater. The Pump model has a Stainless Steel beater. The Beater Drive motor is 1.2 HP.
Cylinder Capacity
lt The Cylinder is a Patented Helicoidal Path and its refrigeration control is Hard-o-Tronic with Hot Gas Technology.
Hopper Capacity
Hopper Capacity 19 quarts on the Gravity model; 13 quarts on the Pump model. The Mix Tank Refrigeration Control is Electronic.
Cooling System Air or Water
Hz 60
Ph 1
Volt 208-220
Fuse Size A Max fuse size: 30 Amps
Refrigerant R-404A
Dimension at base W x D x H cm 50.8 x 73.7 x 71.1 cm (20 x 26.5 x 28 in)
Net Weight kg 110 kg (242.2 lb) net weight; 266 kg (286.5 lb) crated weight.
Note Overrun range on the Gravity model is 20% to 50%. On the Pump Model, 40% to 80%. UC-191 G/P is made by Carpigiani according to a Certified Quality System UNI ENI ISO 9001 is are cULus and NSF listed.