A premium soft serve concept: The aroma and fragrance of popcorn in the form of Soft Serve!

soft serve consulting

Retail concept: Movie theater chain; insertion of gelato in the snack kiosk; inexperienced operators; influx of customers in specific moments and rush hour (before the show, during the interval).




Target: all movie theater users from children to adults.




Creative Idea/Food Design/Food Styling: it’s impossible to think about movie theaters without the smell and taste of popcorn! The creative idea starts from this inextricable link by creating a popcorn gelato, decorated with popcorn and served in special packages that recall those of the 1950s. A reference to tradition, but absolutely new and highly palatable. The package is handy and made with recycled paper.






The nozzle used is the 6 circles one. The color palette, consistent with the styling of the product, lends itself to the customization of the surrounding environment.




The machine is a 191 Star Total Only You customized with the color Yellow.