Ready: Easy Way!

The machine that mixes, heats and freezes the gelato in the same cylinder. 

It’s designed for those entering the business and looking for a simple and reliable solution with a modest financial investment to produce an excellent fresh gelato in small spaces working in a simple and ergonomic manner, while still respecting the traditional method of pasteurization, aging, and freezing. 

Thanks to its many programs and a system that makes it possible to pasteurize and then freeze, the gelatiere can make simple products with liquid- and paste-based mixes or to experiment with new recipes that widen the range of products available to customers. With Ready even the retail food entrepreneurs (bread shops, cafés, pizzerias, and pastry shops) can add fresh gelato to their businesses, increasing revenues and widening the customer base.

The operator uses the machine while standing straight up, and the commands – simple and clear – remain accessible even when pouring in the mixture. Rounded corners near the operator prevent operator injuries. Heated cylinder cleaning, not to mention the removable stainless steel door, beater, and extraction chute, mean easy and complete hygiene. And let’s not forget the savings: Ready technology makes it possible to carry out the full gelato production cycle in just one machine.


Ready Easy Way

Ready Sigep 2017