Produces 6 different types of gelato cones to satisfy the largest number of customers with just one machine

Very high level of versatility and production capacity: the machine satisfies every customer

​​​​​Large production capacity
Guarantees continuity of supply even during rush hours

High versatility and production flexibility
Satisfies the needs of each customer by producing a wide range of specialties: soft gelato, frozen yogurt and fruit sorbets

Electronic control of consistency and overrun
Possibility to set different consistencies depending on the mix used, and easily adjust the overrun

Features & Benefits

Two beater motors and separate cooling systems
The independent cylinders allow simultaneous production of different types of gelato
Stainless steel pressurized pump with gears in Advanced Thermoplastic Polymer
The pump ensures the best ice cream texture, quality and high overrun, adjustable from 40% to 80%
Refrigerated tanks
With mix temperatures always shown on the display
Control panel
Easy to understand symbols on the buttons
Adjustable dispensing speed
Dispensing taps with end flow adjustment to optimize the portions
2E-RSI high efficiency beater
Interchangeable plastic scrapers and shaft for a soft, creamy gelato
Hygienic protection of the dispensing area
Taps protected by a cap to be removed when dispensing, easily removable for daily cleaning
Shaped front panel
To facilitate the production of large cups
Syrup flow indicator light
To see when the syrup containers need refilling
Pressurized syrup dispensing system
The machine feeds three containers for specific syrups with a fruit or cream flavor
Syrup washing
Fourth container supplied, for daily washing of the syrup lines
Technical Characteristics
flavour 2 + 3 variegates
Mix Delivery System Pump
Cylinder Capacity
lt 1,75
Tank Capacity
lt 18+18
Hourly production
75 gr portions 695 (production capacity depends on the mix used and the room temperature).
Cooling System Air, water optional
Hz 50*
Ph 3*
Volt 400*
Fuse Size A 16
Rated Power Input kW 4
Refrigerant R452 (alternative solutions available)
W x D x H cm max 90,4 x 83,4 x 177
Net Weight kg 300
Note *other voltages and cycles available upon request. Rainbow 3 is produced by Carpigiani with Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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