Learn how to make a delicious Tiramisù


  • Dissolve 150 grams* of sugar in ½ liter of coffee and pour into the simple syrup bottle.
  • Prepare two sizes of sponge cake disks using the round pasta cutters: the first size should be the same diameter as the bottom of the cup, the second size a bit larger.
  • 3 Soak the sponge cake with the coffee simple syrup.

Tiramisu gelato mix

• Recipe A

Pour into a container the Fiordilatte mix 3600 g*

+ whole milk 400 g*

+ mascarpone cheese 800 g*

+ sugar 400g*

+ freeze-dried coffee 28 g*

+ coldprocess stabilizer 0,5% 4 g*.

• Recipe B

Pour into a container the Fiordilatte mix 4000 g* with the addition of Tiramisu paste for pastry or gelato according
to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Mix with the immersion blender until the powders have completely dissolved. Pour into the machine and cool to + 4°C. 

Place the sponge cake disk on the bottom
of the cup. Bring the cup to the nozzle (without touching the sponge cake) and dispense the gelato from the soft
machine, taking care to lower the cup as the gelato fills it. Stop dispensing when the cup is about 60% full. Place the second sponge cake disk. Finish filling the cup with Tiramisu gelato. Sprinkle with cocoa. Serve with a spoon.


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