The sweetness of love and the sharing of pleasure

soft serve consulting

Retail concept: Chocolate shop, chain of chocolate shops, in locations with a high flow of tourists. Deseasonalization and reinterpretation of the chocolate product. The staff is semi-expert and able to reproduce a simple and delicious idea. The decorations are produced in-house.




Target: From teenagers in their first romantic outing to adults who want to enjoy a moment for themselves. From 15 to 45 years old, average spending capacity, planned and impulse purchase.




Creative Idea/Food Design/Food Styling: Love is dedicated to couples who want to share small moments of pleasure. Romantic love is an emotion to be celebrated at any time. The chocolate and caramel mix gives a unique and multisensory experience. The soft waves are garnished with fruit chocolate hearts that praise love.




The effect is obtained with the triangle nozzle. The color palette is consistent with the styling of the product, to be inspired by for the customization and the decoration of the environment. The marketing idea is to plan the launch of the product on Valentine's Day and continue with the sale until spring.




The machine is a  



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