Tre BP Export

Twin-twist floor-standing soft serve machine. It produces up to 480 servings of 75 g in one hour

The versatile and efficient Carpigiani soft serve machine for gelato and frozen yogurt.

It is suitable for every location and weather condition and has simple operating procedures and quick cleaning operations. The HOM consistency controller allows automatic and constant control of gelato consistency. The machine has a pump feed system and each hopper has a capacity of 8 L. The machine is air-cooled (water cooling optionally available).

Features & Benefits

Stainless steel pressurized gear pump in Advanced Thermoplastic Polymer
The pump ensures the best ice cream texture and high quality
Adjustable overrun
With a simple operation, the overrun is adjustable from 40% to 80%
Automatic HOM system
To constantly control the ice cream consistency
3X high efficiency beater
Interchangeable plastic scrapers for a soft, creamy gelato
Direct expansion cooling cylinders
Optimize refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime, less waste of product ensuring higher quality and energy saving
Adjustable ice cream flow
Adjustable product flow to meet your specific dispensing speed and volume requirements
Refrigerated tanks with thermostatic system
To store mix overnight at hygienically ideal temperature
Technical Characteristics
flavour 2+1
Mix Delivery System Pump
Cylinder Capacity
lt 1,35
Tank Capacity
lt 8+8
Hourly production
75 gr portions 426*
Cooling System Air, water optional
Hz 50**
Ph 3**
Volt 400**
Fuse Size A 10
Rated Power Input kW 2,7
Refrigerant R452***
W x D x H cm max 51 x 74 x 144
Net Weight kg 210
Note *production capacity depends on the mix used and the room temperature. **other voltages and cycles available upon request. ***alternative solutions available. Tre BP is produced by Carpigiani with Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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