Convenient and easy-to-use the batch freezer for producing and storing Gelato in small spaces and at the correct temperature

The unique solution to always have up to four flavors of Gelato ready to serve.

With Quartetto it is possible to produce from 2 to 3 kg of ice cream per cycle.


A single machine for freezing and storing gelato in a small space.

The professional batch freezer that expands your menu with a wide range of gelato and sorbets and solves every conservation problem thanks to the internal compartment refrigerated from -8°C to -15°C.

The gelato will always be ready to serve all day long.


Thanks to the intelligent Hard-O-Tronic® system, the machines detect when the gelato has reached optimum consistency and maintain it until extraction. Every day 4 flavors of gelato always available and many others that can be prepared as needed. 


Single-phase power supply. The mix is loaded into the upper tank, and thanks to the transparent cover the whole process can be monitored. The wheels make it easy to move. 


The beater stops immediately if the lid is opened during freezing.


Easy to clean.

Hourly production
kg 10 kg min, 15 kg max
Quantity per Cycle
Max. 3 kg
Min. 2 kg
Condenser Air*
Hz 50
Ph 1
Volt 230
Fuse Size A 16
Rated Power Input kW 2,3
Dimension at base Depth cm 57
Dimension at base Height cm 115
Dimension at base Width cm 54
Net Weight kg 130
Note Chilled compartment from -8°C to -15°C. Stainless steel tub capacity: 4 x 3 kg. The quantity per cycle and production time vary based on mixes used. The “Max” values refer to classic Italian artisanal gelato. Performance values refer to 25°C room temperature and 20°C water temperature in the condenser. *Water condenser available with surcharge. Quartetto is produced by Carpigiani with Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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