Carpigiani's Smallest Batch Freezer is designed for restaurant chefs. Now, they can add Artisan Gelato to their Menu, ready in only 5 Minutes.

Freeze&Go Step by Step

Restaurants and gelato: two symbols of excellence that well represent Italy throughout the world. In the past it has been difficult to find these expressions of taste and creativity together in the same locale. Carpigiani has now made it possible to join the two thanks to the Freeze&Go.

This machine produces authentic, fresh artisan gelato in just 5 minutes, ready to be served. Now restaurants can add the flavor and creativity of gelato to their menu, to the great satisfaction of their customers.

Freeze&Go is a compact tabletop batch freezer. It weighs less than 40 kg, concentrating all of Carpigiani’s technology into a 29 cm W x 55 cm D x 54 cm H footprint. The machine takes up very little space in the kitchen yet guarantees the same high performance as a high-end batch freezer in terms of quality and scoopability of the finished gelato. It is the perfect machine for demanding chefs who want to amaze their customers.

How does Freeze&Go work? Simply pour the refrigerated mix into the cup, press the start button, and 5 minutes later the machine will signal that the gelato is ready to serve!

The machine is as easy to maintain as it is to use. The cleaning and maintenance operations are simple and quick – finished one batch, after only a few seconds you can start a new one. Consequently, Freeze&Go is a true opportunity for restaurateurs who do not want to compromise on quality, especially when it comes to the final courses. Gelato is, in fact, the sweetest memory.

Freeze&Go is the ideal means for adding both creativity and class to the menu. Too often gelato is considered only a dessert and offered as such or at most together with fruit. In reality, gelato is a complete, rich food that can add zest to any course.

Artisan gelato is the latest great opportunity for chefs throughout the world. Now it is possible to prepare different flavors in the space of a few minutes, adjusting recipes to the requirements of the moment, developing a menu that is unique and unforgettable, day after day. All thanks to Freeze&Go.

For more information, view the Freeze&Go machine or visit our Foodservice Professionals School for training. You can also visit the FAQ page.

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