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“Pistachio Fruit” By Ádám Fazekas wins 1st Place and Next Generation

Gelato Festival Challenge continues its journey around the world making a stop in Budapest on April 2nd where 25 Hungarian gelato artisans took part in the sweetest competition of the year hosted by Bulfoni, Carpigiani distributor for Hungary. The winning flavors are “Pistachio fruit” by Ádám Fazekas from Fazekas Cukrászda in Budapest (Pistachio and raspberry), “Rugelach” by László Nagy from Marcipán Cukrászda in Dunaföldvár (typical Jewish dessert with butter, sugar, cream cheese, dried fruit) and “Coccomio” by Zoltán Szmolenszky from Chilli Cukrászda in Dunakeszi (milk chocolate, coconut, pecan nut and Malibu liquor).

The selected gelato artisans go on to the European Finals of Gelato Festival scheduled for 2020 in Italy at the Carpigiani Gelato University headquarters. Flavor, structure, creativity and presentation are the four parameters used for the evaluation, highlighting the choice of ingredients, the craftsmanship in elaborating the recipe and the visual impact of the gelato (see below the full list of participants).

GF challenge hungary winners

Ádám Fazekas also received the “Next Generation” prize to the best gelato artisan under 30 together with “Kesu” by Attila Pálfi  from Rózsakert Bistro Cafe Ice in Hévíz. The two young gelato makers will participate in the Next Generation Finale to be held in Rome in 2019.

The jury was composed of:
1.    Lajos Takacs – Chef for Kobuta in Budapest
2.    Graziano Cattaneo – Chef for Krizia Restaurant in Budapest
3.    György Bechmann – Pastry Chef for Zsolnay Kávéház in Budapest
4.    László Szervánszky – Pastry Chef for Szent Korona Cukrászda in Soltvadkert
5.    Mészáros Ádám – Chef for Onyx Restaurant 2 Michelin Stars in Budapest
6.    Böröcz Zsófia – Freelance vincitrice concorso televisivo per chef edizione 2018

Having made its 2010 debut in Florence inspired by the first gelato recipe by the versatile architect Bernardo Buontalenti in 1559, Gelato Festival has continued to spread artisan gelato culture for nine consecutive years. From its inception, Gelato Festival has spread through Italy and next through Europe and, since 2017, in the United States. Gelato Festival will continue to promote gelato culture and appreciation throughout the globe with its road to the world championship of Gelato Festival World Masters 2021.

gf hungary

April 2nd, 2019
Distributor: Bulfoni


1.    Ádám Fazekas  from Fazekas Cukrászda in Budapest with the flavor “Pistachio fruit”
(Pistachio, raspberry crispy)
2.    László Nagy from Marcipán Cukrászda in Dunaföldvár with the flavor “Rugelach”
(Typical Jewish dessert with butter, sugar, cream cheese, dried fruit)
3.    Zotán Szmolenszky from Chilli Cukrászda in Dunakeszi with the flavor “Coccomio”
(Milk chocolate, coconut, pecan nut and Malibu liquor)

1.    Ádám Fazekas  from Fazekas Cukrászda in Budapest with the flavor “Pistachio fruit”
(Pistachio, raspberry crispy)
Attila Pálfi  from Rózsakert Bistro Cafe Ice in Hévíz with the flavor “Kesu”
2.    (Himalayan salt spiced with homemade roasted cashews, crispy chocolate, and homemade jam)

List of participants:

1.    Viktor Buzsics  from NiceIce in Pécs with the flavor  “Strawberry Pine Cones Treasure”
(White base with pine nuts and strawberry sauce)
2.    Hajnalka Boczki from Setteveli Fagyizó    in Budapest with the flavor “Black orange”
(Orange sorbet with lemon zest dipped in limoncello and dark chocolate)
3.    Ferenc Horváth & Peter Varvizi from Puncs Fagyizó in Nagykanizsa with the flavor “Lime, basil, raspberry, white chocolate”
(Raspberry, basil infusion, white chocolate and lime)
4.    Attila Bartos from Nasi Fagylaltozó in Budapest with the flavor “California”
(Pistachio with cherry and milk chocolate)
5.    Renato    Barile from I Love Gelato in Budapest with the flavor “Salty pistachio sorbet”
(Pistachio with reed sugar and Himalayan salt, orange tequila variegato and cinnamon decoration)
6.    Titanilla Tereczky-Baksza from Fagyi. in Vác with the flavor “Wasabis & white chocolate”
(White chocolate & Japanese wasabi)
7.    Mónika    Varga from Cappuccino Fagylaltozó in Balatongyörök with the flavor “Milotai Duett”
(Walnut Gelato with cherry, cinnamon variegato with pieces of biscuit)
8.    Ádám    Sztaracsek from Jánoska Cukrászda in Komárom with the flavor  “Quartet”
(Milk chocolate caramel with raspberry and hazelnut crispy)
9.    Andrea    Konczné from Sissi Fagylaltozó    in Gödöllő with the flavor “Grandmother's cake"
(Ricotta with orange, lemon, spicy, pine nuts, homemade butter biscuits and homemade blueberry sauce)
10.    Balázs Damniczki & Lajos Ohr from Damniczki Cukrászda in Székesfehérvár with the flavor “Mamaba”
(Mango, maracuja, peach with almond crispy)
11.    Tímea    Gulyás     from Perneki Tutto Gelato in Kecskemét with the flavor “Boss favorite”
(Caramel, ginger & pear)
12.    János Somodi from Florida Fagyizó in Balatonmáriafürdő with the flavor “Mango textures” (Mango with green tea, vanilla mango sauce, mango chips & mango cake)
13.    Gyöngyvér Hajdu  from Csokivanilia in Nagykőrös with the flavor “Mango unchained”
(Mangue & pistachio)
14.    Attila Vikor from Vikor Cukrászda in Tata with the flavor “Taj Mahal”
(Coconut sorbetto with chili pepper mango and smoked salted cashew nuts)
15.    Petra Andrész from Andrész Cukrászda    in Biatorbágy with the flavor “Caramel dream” (Blackcurrant and caramelized salted crispy pumpkin seeds)
16.    Sándor    Márton from Bagaméri Fagylaltozó in Balatonfüred with the flavor “Cantuccini”
(Almond cantuccini with 55% marzipan cooked in a wine, vanilla and lemon flavored with raisins and cantuccini variegate)
17.    Zoltán Hajdu from Rozmaring Cukrászda in Noszvaj with the flavor “Citrus fruit orchard”
(Black chocolate, orange and lime sauce)
18.    László Póta from Völgy Fagyizó in Veszprém with the flavor “Valley Groove”
(Poppy seed with caramel and orange variegato)
19.    Dávid Wilheim from Da Crema Fagyizó in Nagykanizsa with the flavor “Tropical storm”
(Coconut with almonds, paw-paw seeds, maracuja and yellow kiwi variegato and maracuja crumble)
20.    Sándor    Poncsák from Poncsák Cukrászda in Kisvárda with the flavor “Limango”
(Vanilla gelato with lime sauce and coconut variegato)
21.    Balázs Ipacs from Hisztéria Cremeria in Budapest with the flavor “Spring”
(Almond gelato, raspberry and strawberry variegato whit caramelized almond)

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