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Fiera di Rimini, 18-22 January - Top technological innovation featuring specialty schools, blockchain, and premium soft serve

Rimini, 18 January 2020 – A calendar of over 200 workshops and special events, a booth measuring more than 1,000 square meters, and more than 100 machines to try under the guidance of instructors from Carpigiani Gelato University. These are some of the numbers of Carpigiani's presence at Sigep 2020 – the International Exhibition dedicated to gelato, pastry, bakery and coffee – offering a wealth of technological innovations and training methods for food retail professionals.

Much of the space will be dedicated to Adaptive Technology, which includes pasteurizers and batch freezers of the HE - High Efficiency Line able to manage the mixes of gelato artisans and pastry chefs and choose what's best for each recipe. The batch freezers make use of the latest evolution of Carpigiani's renowned consistency control system which makes it possible to freeze gelato recipes with an average reduction of 40% of the total solids, including recipes without added sugars. The pasteurizers are equipped with an exchange pump cup, a technology patented by Carpigiani that allows superior micronization of the mixture with a surprising reduction of the fat globules and levels of health safety that are at the top of the market. The technological innovation of Carpigiani batch freezers also amazes with the new "Crystal" program, perfect for making cakes and gelato in a jar thanks to the higher air content and the special consistency perfect for portioning. Starting in 2019 the program will be available on the countertop and floor-standing batch freezers of the HE and Ready lines.

New developments in the realm of foodservice include the launch of new countertop batch freezers, Ready 6/9 and Ready 8/12, which complete the range presented in 2019. Both are single-phase and equipped with three pasteurization programs that guide cooks and pastry chefs through every step of gelato production. Hygiene is guaranteed by the hot washing system and the delayed cleaning program. Perfect for high pastry and haute cuisine, the compact ReadyChef countertop machine is designed for professional pastry shops and restaurants, and in 58 cm incorporates all the technology needed to add gelato to the menu and act as a personalized assistant for many pastry and chocolate specialties. It has 32 different programs ranging from the production of creams to the tempering of chocolate, the preparation of gelato, slushes and cremolatas. Six cycles are dedicated to the production of sauces and toppings. Cleaning is made easier by a special program that saves a lot of time in the kitchen and production space.

For those who want to amaze customers with the magic of cold desserts, Ideauno is the machine that creates a portion made to order in just a few minutes. Choose the mix, insert it into the cylinder and select the appropriate program and you're done!

An area will be dedicated to the versatile Ideatre system, the counter with independent cylinders offering an unbeatable performance to make gelato in front of customers and store it at a controlled temperature, and also to produce creams, sauces, and toppings that can be used in pastries. Every day, Giorgio Ballabeni will present an array of recipes that meet the gelato artisan's needs by dealing with various specific topics such as managing sweetness, mixes with nuts and fatty pastes, chocolate, and candied fruit.

Many innovations for soft serve machines. For the first time in the world visitors can try the first Carpigiani machine equipped with blockchain technology that will make "pay per use" possible: an advanced control system allows owners to keep track of the mix poured into the machine and to transmit transaction data to the blockchain platform. Another technological innovation is the Soft Serve Core function for the 191, Mr Art and Super 3 AV Evo models, which fills the soft gelato with a core of syrup dispensed at the same time as the gelato itself, creating a new and surprising combination of flavors.

One of the protagonists is the 161 G SP, a compact self-pasteurizing countertop machine that is quick and easy to maintain thanks to the gravity-feed cylinder. Ideal for bars, restaurants, pastry shops and gelato parlors that want to delight their customers with an excellent soft gelato, a very good frozen yogurt, or an excellent sorbet. From now on it will be enriched with the new 161 T G SP version which is even more powerful and versatile. In the area dedicated to the 193 countertop model (Classic and Steel) and the XVL floor-standing model it will be possible to experiment with the two pump and gravity systems for mixes of different densities, and taste light, refreshing cream and sorbet flavors. Thanks to Carpigiani technology and a specially developed kit, the machines support the simultaneous operation of a pump-driven cylinder and a gravity-feed cylinder, making it possible to manage gelato mixes rich in fiber and/or seeds, as well as dispensing very different consistencies from the two cylinders without any difference in the volumes of the flavors dispensed. The last gem for those who come to Sigep are the 13 nozzles available for all the soft machines of the new "Star" series, or for those who use the door fitted with an adapter for the previous models. With 13 shapes available there will be no limits to your imagination!

Premium soft serve is the new international trend that revolves around so-called "gelato espresso" or "soft gelato" that is dispensed directly by the machine and that is topped off with a soft curl. Famous in the 1950s and 1960s, it has recently re-emerged as a product of refined ingredients – first and foremost milk – and of the most spectacular and "Instagrammable" shapes and colors. Taking up this challenge posed by the market, Carpigiani will launch a new Soft Serve Consulting service that is able to assist the customer both in identifying the best and most suitable technological solutions and complementing this know-how with the development of exclusive recipes, implementing the concept of food design and consulting dedicated to operations management at one or more points of sale. In this area for the first time visitors will be able to see four complete original projects dedicated to special occasions such as Valentine's Day or the colors of spring.

A large area is dedicated to Automat, the automatic machine that transforms juices and ready-made drinks into fresh gelato. Grab a sealed bottle of the flavor you want from the fridge and then press a single button. Ideal for convenience stores and rest areas, reducing management costs to a minimum.

Don't miss the area dedicated to Carpigiani Services which focuses on customer care and after-sales service that will illustrate cutting-edge solutions to ensure the perfect operation of Carpigiani machines throughout their entire life cycle.

Back for 2020 is the area dedicated to Carpigiani Gelato Museum where visitors can discover sweet creations dedicated to the world of gelato like T-shirts, earrings, necklaces, rings, and much more.

eventi speciali sigep 2020

The special events of Carpigiani Gelato University and its international specialty schools


The auditorium of Carpigiani Gelato University – the only international gelato school with 20 campuses worldwide – will split into three! A full calendar of events will present the educational activities dedicated to gelato and the two international specialty schools: Gelato Pastry University based in Tokyo and dedicated to gelato pastry, and Foodservice Professionals, based in London and dedicated to gelato for the foodservice industry. The calendar of special events opens on January 18th at 2 pm with the AMPI master Santi Palazzolo who will tell us about the first 100 years of his pastry business, which was started by his grandfather in Cinisi, a small town in the province of Palermo. The program will continue at 3:30 pm with the presentation of the new book by Fabrizio Fiorani, voted Asia's Best Pastry Chef in 2019, published by Chiriotti Editori. Coming next, at 4:30 pm we'll talk about pastry with instructors Andrea Fiori and Alessandro Racca, who will tackle the theme of single portions.  At 5 pm everyone's invited to enjoy some frozen cocktails made by the instructors of Gelato University.

Sunday, January 19th will open at 11 am with a demonstration by Jean-François Devineau, master pastry chef of Pâtissiers dans le Monde, together with Alessandro Racca, technical director of Gelato Pastry University in Tokyo. 

At 12 noon don't miss the press conference on the Gelato Festival, presenting news about the international gelato competitions leading up to the next World Final of Gelato Festival World Masters to be held in 2021, starting from the announcement of the city that will host the final. The Gelato Festival Challenges will also continue in 2020, born from the experience of the Gelato World Tour, which for three years will select participants from around the world during the stages of the Gelato Festival open to the public. Carpigiani Gelato University is a strategic partner of the event together with SIGEP - Italian Exhibition Group.

At 1:30 pm we will talk about pastry with Francesco Boccia, member of the Italian Team that won the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2015. At 3 pm follows the meeting with pastry chef Loretta Fanella, best pastry chef in 2019 for Bargiornale, who will delight us with a new creation for 2020. At 4 pm it's the turn of the journalist Bruno Damini who will present Buttami in pentola, the recipe book dedicated to cooking with leftovers featuring 42 contributions from chefs, pastry chefs and the gelato artisan Andrea Bandiera. Produced with the contribution of CAMST and published by Edizioni Pendragon, the book was created as part of a charity initiative, and proceeds from sales will go to the Popular Kitchens project.

January 20th will kick off with one of the most innovative chefs of his generation: Lorenzo Cogo. At 11:30 am the chef of the starred restaurant El Coq in Vicenza will talk about his experience with gelato in gourmet cuisine, bistros, and classic gelato shops. Then at 2 pm it's off to Asia with Kenny Kong, pastry chef and president of the Singapore Pastry Alliance, not to mention organizer of the Asian Gelato Cup scheduled for March 2020. Monday will finish at 3:30 pm with a surprise duo: Chef Davide Oldani will interpret Spaghetti Eis in a savory version together with Dario Fontanella, the master gelato artisan from Mannheim who has been offering this specialty in Germany for 50 years.

On Tuesday, January 21st in the afternoon at 3:30 pm, Dario Fontanella will be back to talk about the classic version of Spaghetti Eis, a timeless specialty that's a big favorite in Germany, while in Italy it's simply a pop phenomenon of yesteryear.


Carpigiani is one of the engines driving Sigep 2020 with more than 300 machines available for gelato artisans, chefs, and pastry chefs.

Historic and international companies like PreGel, Fabbri 1905, Valrhona, Barry Callebaut, Isa, Comprital, IFI and many others have decided to rely on Carpigiani's technology and service.

Carpigiani was selected by the 2020 Gelato World Cup Committee as the official supplier of gelato machines (Master HE** and Turbomix) for the qualifications that will decide the world's top team on January 19th to 21st.

The "Alberto Pica Memorial" contest organized by SIGA - Association of Italian Gelato Artisans will be another event supported by Carpigiani during Sigep 2020.


One more idea: fresh cheese with Pastomaster HE and the Accademia Internazionale dell'Arte Casearia

Once again, this year Carlo Piccoli will demonstrate the production system that incorporates the technology of Carpigiani pasteurizers to process milk with dairy techniques. Produce a wide variety of cheeses and a delicious mix for soft gelato.


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