Carpigiani Gelato University opens a new campus in Malaysia

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Courses start on May 30 in Kuala Lumpur with two resident chefs, Chef Calvern Leong and Daniel Kang. The number of countries in the world where gelato artisans can get professional training rises to 20

Italian gelato is becoming more and more international! Carpigiani Gelato University has opened a new campus in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, bringing the number of countries in the world where it offers professional gelato courses to 20. “The first week of classes will start on May 30 thanks to our partnership with Allied Foodservice Equipment, the Carpigiani dealer in Malaysia,” announced Kaori Ito, director of Carpigiani Gelato University. “After more than a year of training, two resident chefs, Calvern Leong and Daniel Kang, will have the task of guiding students through the basic and intermediate gelato programs. The strategy of our international school is to learn the basics at a local level, but then to suggest advanced training in Italy accompanied by hands-on internships, and above all experiencing the tradition of artisanal gelato in its birthplace.”

The Kuala Lumpur campus will be equipped with the latest technologies for gelato and will offer theoretical and hands-on training in preparation for entering the profession of gelato artisan complete with notions on the balancing of recipes, gelato, sorbets, gelato cakes, and basic marketing to launch one’s own gelato shop.

Carpigiani Gelato University was founded in 2003 with the mission of teaching the culture of quality artisanal gelato and today is recognized internationally as the breeding ground of successful gelato entrepreneurs. The main campus is located in Anzola Emilia, Bologna, and the school has other 21 satellite campuses in 20 countries around the world: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Germany, UK, USA (with two campuses, in North Carolina and Illinois) and the newest addition in Malaysia.


Launched in September 2013, the Become a Gelatiere training course is dedicated to those who want to become entrepreneurs in the world of gelato and features more intensive hands-on lessons. Each year the package attracts more and more foreign students who choose to complete the entire four-week program, concluding with an internship in a gelato shop.


Since March 2020 Carpigiani Gelato University has made the know-how of its gelato masters available for a new and enriched catalog of online courses, not forgetting that, like all culinary arts, gelato is best learned by experimenting every day in the shop. Moreover, from September 2020 those who want to start approaching the world of gelato can start with the five-day Basic Gelato Course. Every day students can livestream four hours of theoretical classes from the Bologna campus followed by one hour of group discussion. The learning can then continue with the Intermediate and Advanced courses. In June 2021 in-person classes resumed with a new “premium” version of the “Become a Gelatiere” course that offers hands-on practice at single workstations with dedicated machines and reinforced safety and hygiene measures. 

For current professionals there are lessons on topics ranging from “Home Delivery Solution” in Italian and English for those who want to deal with the pandemic by launching a home-delivery service to advanced and specific courses such as “Dairy-free Gelato” or “Gelato with alcoholic beverages.”

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