Carpigiani at Sigep 2020 - Top technological innovation featuring specialty schools, Blockchain, and Premium Soft Serve

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Anzola Emilia, January 29th 2020 – Carpigiani, the global leader in the production of machines for artisanal gelato, presented its latest technology dedicated to food retail at Sigep 2020, with particular focus on the concepts of gelato in foodservice and pastry and on the growing international trend of “Premium Soft Serve”.

New developments in the realm of foodservice include the launch of new countertop batch freezers, Ready 6/9 and Ready 8/12, which complete the range presented in 2019. Both are single-phase and equipped with three pasteurization programs that guide cooks and pastry chefs through every step of gelato production. Hygiene is guaranteed by the hot washing system and the delayed cleaning program. The technological innovation of Carpigiani batch freezers also amazes with the new "Crystal" program, perfect for making cakes and gelato in a jar thanks to the higher air content and the special consistency perfect for portioning.

ReadyChef, the countertop machine designed for professional pastry shops and restaurants that in 58 cm incorporates all the technology needed to add gelato to the menu and act as a personalized assistant for many pastry and chocolate specialties. It has 32 different programs ranging from the production of creams to the tempering of chocolate, the preparation of gelato, slushes and cremolatas. Six cycles are dedicated to the production of sauces and toppings. Thanks to the single-phase connection it is easy to install, and cleaning is made easier by a special program that will save a lot of time in the kitchen and production space. ReadyChef applications for pastry and foodservice were the focus of some demonstrations presented by the instructors of Gelato Pastry University in Tokyo and Foodservice Professionals in London, the two specialty schools launched by Carpigiani Gelato University in 2015 and 2017, respectively, for pastry and foodservice professionals who want to expand their knowledge.


Premium soft serve is the new international trend that revolves around so-called "gelato espresso" or "soft gelato" that is dispensed directly by the machine and that is topped off with a soft curl. Famous in the 1950s and 1960s, it has recently re-emerged as a product of refined ingredients – first and foremost milk – and of the most spectacular and "Instagrammable" shapes and colors. Taking up this challenge posed by the market, Carpigiani will launch a new Soft Serve Consulting service that is able to assist the customer both in identifying the best and most suitable technological solutions and complementing this know-how with the development of exclusive recipes, implementing the concept of food design and consulting dedicated to operations management at one or more points of sale. In this area for the first time visitors will be able to see four complete original projects dedicated to special occasions such as Valentine's Day or the colors of spring.

4 concepts were presented at Sigep 2020:

  • Love: a creamy chocolate and caramel gelato with heart-shaped fruit chocolate decorations. Designed for chocolateries that want to “seasonally adjust” chocolate and add an extra touch to their offer, ideal for couples who want to share small moments of pleasure looking into each other’s eyes.


  • Cinema: it’s impossible to think about cinema without the smell and taste of popcorn! Imagine enjoying a movie with a popcorn gelato decorated with crunchy popcorns and served in special packages that recall those of the 1950s. A reference to tradition in an absolutely new and highly palatable shape.


  • Spring: we are in a tearoom in the Middle East with intoxicating colours and scents. A wavy soft serve cup celebrates the triumph of spring and is inspired by the Centifolia rose, considered the perfect rose. A wavy and delicate gelato is infused with Damask rose and honey, embellished with butterfly-shaped chocolate decorations,


  • Jewel: Inspired by the film that made generations of women and girls dream. Elegant and exclusive as Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany’s", this soft serve can be compared to a jewel displayed in a showcase of valuables. The Fiordilatte gelato is enriched with Tahiti vanilla, then served in a small bowed box like an authentic gift and enriched with a cloud of cotton candy studded with sugar gems. The colour palette is consistent with the product styling, it lends itself to the customization of the surrounding environment.


For the first time in the world Carpigiani presented the first machine equipped with blockchain technology that will make "pay per use" possible: an advanced control system allows owners to keep track of the mix poured into the machine and to transmit transaction data to the blockchain platform.

Video HERE:


Another technological innovation is the Soft Serve Core function for the 191, Mr Art and Super 3 AV Evo models, which fills the soft gelato with a core of syrup dispensed at the same time as the gelato itself, creating a new and surprising combination of flavors.


An area was dedicated to Automat, the automatic machine that transforms juices and ready-made drinks into fresh gelato. Grab a sealed bottle of the flavor you want from the fridge and then press a single button. Ideal for convenience stores and rest areas, reducing management costs to a minimum.

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