Gelato Festival opens its first Flagship store

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The store is coming to West Hollywood in September 2019

Los Angeles, CA (Sept 17, 2019) – The world’s most authoritative event dedicated to gelato, Gelato Festival, will open its first permanent flagship store at 8906 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood this September, ahead of its first LA-based festival on September 28 & 29 at the Pacific Design Center. With experiences that range from the delectably indulgent to the inspiringly creative, the whimsically decorated, multi-room wonderland will transport customers to a world of pure, unadulterated joy—the kind that can only be inspired by the most delicious of desserts—once they walk through its doors. Wholly unlike any other gelato (or ice cream) store in the country, this unique, hybrid concept will feature:

• a ROTATING MENU of award-winning, taste bud-tingling artisan gelato flavors (and gelato confections) created by master gelato chefs from around the world
• an open-concept LAB equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, where customers can view the mesmerizing process of gelato being made fresh daily
• a CLASSROOM that will host a regular schedule of unforgettably fun, interactive gelato and coffee workshops open to the public (and be available for private events)
• a MUSEUM area that brings gelato’s historical roots and founder (Bernardo Buontalenti, who first created gelato in 16th century Florence) to life and feature instagrammable contemporary art installations
• a calendar of lively COMMUNITY EVENTS, including special visits by award-winning gelato chefs, kids’ juries, and all-you-can-eat gelato challenges


Born in Florence, Italy in 2010, Gelato Festival was founded on the belief that gelato is a universal symbol of happiness—and that there are few pleasures in life greater than the feeling of licking a truly delicious scoop. Over the past ten years, it has hosted more than 100 decadently fun festivals across the world where over 3,000 of the most accomplished gelato chefs compete with their original flavors. Attendees have the opportunity to taste all the competing flavors, vote for their favorite one, and even watch gelato chefs at work in the world’s largest frozen dessert laboratory on wheels.

With its first flagship location, Gelato Festival organizers will give the convivial spirit and transportive atmosphere it has cultivated at its festivals for the last decade a permanent home. The store will also serve as a hub for innovation, bringing in the top gelato chefs from its network on a regular basis to experiment with new, boundary-pushing flavors that incorporate the best local ingredients. On top of a dynamic schedule of programming, the result will be a one-of-a-kind, experiential bridge between the tradition and culture of the Florentine Renaissance and the vibrancy of West Hollywood.


“As a native Florentine, I grew up with a passion for gelato, and as an adult, I became obsessed with the idea of sharing my love for this frozen dessert with the whole world,” says Gabriele Poli, Founder & President of Gelato Festival. “And with so much enthusiastic support for the festival over the last decade, it felt like time to finally leave a lasting mark. Serendipitously, during the process of planning our two-day festival in Los Angeles, we fell in love with the West Hollywood community. Even though our roots are in Italy, here in the U.S., the purpose of Gelato Festival runs much deeper than simply making fantastic gelato. It’s also about celebrating and sharing the culture, chefs, and community behind this time-honored craft. There are still very few true gelato stores in the U.S., but we’re a part of the movement to change that—and raise the bar of the whole industry.”

Gelato Festival’s flagship concept will open its doors in August and be open daily, and offer special weekly events (TBA). For more information, visit to learn about the store and to learn about and purchase tickets for the festival, and follow along on Instagram @gelatofestival and @gelatofestivalamerica.

Gelato Festival’s flagship store, 8906 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, 90069

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