Gelato Festival World Masters – Here are the 3 best Czech gelato artisans of 2023

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The second Czech stage of the four-year gelato competition calendar took place in Prague on December 6th and decreed the second group of gelato makers who will advance to the Czech Finals in 2024

Gelato Festival World Masters returned to Czech Republic for the second stop on its four-year competition calendar. Following last year's Challenge, the second national competition was held in Prague on December 6th, with 16 Czech gelato makers participating. The event was organized with Eiskon, Carpigiani distributor for the Country, and hosted by Almeco
The jury decreed a ranking of 3 gelato makers selected to participate in the 2024 Czech Finals of Gelato Festival World Masters, the world championship organized with Carpigiani and Sigep - Italian Exhibition Group as strategic partners. Flavor, structure, creativity, and verbal and aesthetic presentation were the four parameters by which the artisanal gelatos were evaluated, promoting the choice of ingredients, the artisans' mastery in elaborating e communicating the recipe, and the overall result evaluated through sight, taste, and smell (see list of participants on the last page).

The 3 winning gelato artisans are:  
1.    Jitka Štáhlichová of Kolombina in Plzeň with the flavor “Sicily dream”;
2.    Jakub Gavor of Ještě jednu in Brno with the flavor “Bacio cake”;
3.    Lenka Tachová of Togelato in Turnov with the flavor “Cinnamon roll”;

The jury consisted of: Tomáš Malý: Pastry Chef founder of NM Desserts; Tomáš Popp: Chef Manager of the national team of chefs and pastry chefs of AKC ČR; Šárka Divácká: Pastry Chef, Winner of the Gourmet Brno 2023.

With the 2022-25 edition Gelato Festival World Masters reaches its thirteenth year, having debuted in Florence in 2010 inspired by the conception of the first gelato recipe at the hands of the multifaceted architect Bernardo Buontalenti in 1559. Since then, the event has enlarged its boundaries by expanding first to the rest of Italy, then to Europe and - since 2017 - to the United States as well, before embracing the entire planet with the Gelato Festival World Masters world championship involving more than 3,500 gelato makers with the 2018-2021 edition.  

Gelato Festival World Masters 
Czech Republic 
December 6th, 2023 
Host: Eiskon


•    Jan Moučka of Cukrárna u Moučků in Strančice with the flavor “Tvarohovo povidlový koláč s drobenkou”;
•    Dagmar Válová of Merhautovo pekařství in Benátky nad Jizerou with the flavor “Mango sticky rise”;
•    Jaroslav Šabat of Šabatovo zmrzlinářství in Týnec nad Sázavou with the flavor “Cocopapa”;
•    Martin Strnad of Sigolo Gelato in Plzeň with the flavor “Drobenkový koláč”;
•    Vít Vaníček of Gelato Della Vita in Liberec with the flavor “Jablečný štrůdl”;
•    Matouš Kocourek of Ice Krám in Trutnov with the flavor “Krtkův dort”;
•    Martin Bulva of Zmrzka z hor in Špindlerův Mlýn with the flavor “Malinovo/borůvkový cheesecake”;
•    Barbora Kovářová of Barčelato in Brno with the flavor “Pekanový koláč”;
•    Ludmila Abrhám of Puro Gelato in Prague with the flavor “Odvážná mandarinka”;
•    Tomáš Mrkos of Tomivo Gelato in Lipůvka with the flavor “Alito Fresco”;
•    Radek Pincel of Valgelato in Valtice with the flavor “Jako croquembouche”;
•    Eva Rezková of Adriagold in Nivnice with the flavor “Pistácie v čokoláde”;
•    Josef Branda of Pepeho zmrzlina in Holice with the flavor “Tvarohovo smetanový krém s malinou”.

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