Gelato University launches e-Taste, a week of distance learning to discover the art of gelato making

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Anzola Emilia, February 26, 2020 – Carpigiani Gelato University opens the doors of its Bologna campus with “e-Taste”, the e-learning project that, starting March 2, will include one lesson per day in live streaming with the possibility of participating and asking questions to the gelato instructors.

“During e-Taste, Gelato lovers will have a chance to begin their Gelato and culinary journey with Carpigiani Gelato University. The topics covered in the one and half hour e-courses will be based upon the Gelato University Basic course. The users who complete all of the e-courses will gain access to an exclusive in-person practice session at one of the 20 Gelato University campuses transforming this virtual experience into a hands-on experience. This project allows anyone to enter our main campus and try out the teaching methodology that has given rise to numerous success stories worldwide since 2003”. – comments Kaori Ito, Carpigiani Gelato University director – “Thousands of former students have changed their lives with gelato and the market still offers many business opportunities. With global locations and e-courses we are now able to provide gelato education to more people than ever before. We look forward to sharing this e-classroom experience with aspiring gelato chefs and to seeing many come to our locations for hands-on lessons, putting theory to practice. Gelato is fantastic to make and enjoy!”.

For those who cannot follow the live sessions, podcasts will be available from 9 March 2020 until 31 March 2020

Signing up is free and easy: just go to , sign up for “e-Taste” online course and access the dedicated area through the link that will be sent by email. The calendar of the topics covered is the following:

  • March 2: What is gelato and how to make it
  • March 3: Enriched gelatos
  • March 4: Fruit sorbets and balancing
  • March 5: Milk-based gelatos and balancing
  • March 6: Gelato sticks and jars


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