Scan the QR code on your machine and in a few easy steps you will discover a world of videos, news and exclusive offers for you and your business

Have you just bought a Carpigiani machine or do you already have one? Excellent choice! Our sales network and our specialized technicians will be at your disposal for any type of assistance and alongside your business as a partner for your success!

And that is not all! Follow these steps to register your machine and join the exclusive world of Carpigiani. You will need: a smartphone, your Carpigiani machine and, if it was installed in 2022, the installation code that your received by e-mail.


     1) Frame the QR Code with the smartphone camera and click the link that will appear on the screen. You will discover a reserved area with the manual, video tutorials and other useful sections. This information will always be available to help you in your daily work.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE QR CODE you can register your machine by clicking THIS LINK and following the instructions from point 4) onwards

QR code 2 QR code 3

     2) At the top of the page you will find the green button "Register your machine", click on it to begin the registration process.

Register your machine button

     3) Start the registration process by entering the Installation Code that you received by e-mail after the Carpigiani technician installed your machine.
Cannot find it? Click on the "Continue without installation code" button to go on.

inserimento codice installazione EN
     4) A page will open where you will have to fill in some fields. The most important are the "SN” (Serial Number) and the "Machine Code" which will be auto-filled by scanning the QR Code

Rregister your machine
If they are not auto-filled, you can find them on the machine label under “S/N” and “Model”.

etichetta SN model

     5) Enter your DATA and those of YOUR COMPANY

     6) The last step is the privacy policy consent. If you want to receive information about new webinars dedicated to your machine, refresher courses, invitations to trade fairs and events, new recipes and many other useful contents, check all 3 boxes

privacy policy EN

Press the "SEND" button. Your request will be checked by the system and, once approved, you will be part of the Carpigiani world and we will always be by your side as a partner in your success!

send button

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