Gelato Festival Challenge Brazil: three more artisans selected during FISPAL 2019

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The three artisans will participate in a National Final that will choose only two flavors to represent the country in the World Final

Between June 11 and 14, nine gelato artisans produced and served their gelato to the public and a technical jury inside the FISPAL Food Service Fair.

The nine artisans were selected during the qualifying stages of 2019 held in April and May at the Carpigiani do Brasil headquarters. In those days, each competitor brought their gelato mix (pasteurized and flavored) and batched it in shifts of 30 minutes each. At the end of the day, all the maestros were evaluated to be selected to the next stage of the competition.


On June, 11th each maestro produced an amount of more or less 60 kg in their shift production. On June, 12th and 13th they batched their gelato in the morning and served it in the afternoon to the public. On the first day the judgement was assigned to the public jury who could taste the nine flavors and vote for his favorite.

On the last day of the fair, each competitor prepared a single flavor for the technical jury, formed by:
- Leandro Sambini – professional with more than 20 years of expertise in the sector;
- Rodrigo Ribeiro – Teacher of Gastronomy at Mackenzie University;
- Rodrigo Libbos – Teacher of Gastronomy at Mackenzie University;
- Daniel Martins – Teacher of Gastronomy at Mackenzie University;
- Robert Haulfoun –Editorial Director of Magazine Sabor.Club.

After tasting and considering the same evaluation standard of the qualifying stages, the judges scored each competitor. Compiling all the points in a weight of 50% of the technical jury and 50% of the public the three best flavor were selected for the National Final in 2021.

Three best flavors selected were:

- Làcrima Greca com Pistacchio, by Gustavo Franceschini of Mio Sogno di Gelato.
- Gelato di Carrara, by Diogo Paiuta of Icy Gelato.
- Carimbò, by Armando Laiun of Sorveteria Cairu.

These three maestros with the three selected in 2018 and the other to be selected in 2020 will compete against each other for two of the 34 places at the Gelato Festival World Masters in 2021!



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