Gelato Festival World Masters - Announcing Hungary’s 3 Best Gelato Artisans of 2022

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They are the first 3 gelato makers to qualify for the Hungarian finals to be held in 2024

Gelato Festival World Masters, the main category tournament with partners Carpigiani and Sigep - Italian Exhibition Group, has started its new journey around the world for the period of time 2022-2025 searching for the world’s best gelato. The first European stop was in Budapest on October 18th where 17 hungarian gelato artisans took part in the sweetest competition of the year hosted by Bulfoni Bar & Gelato Design, Carpigiani distributor for Hungary.

The winning gelato artisans are:

First place
Norbert Tóth of Tóth cukrászda in Dunaföldvár with the flavor “Karibi kávé miso karamellel” (Caribbean coffee with miso caramel)
Description: Caribbean coffee gelato with miso caramel and rum

Second place
Dávid Wilheim of DaCrema Fagyizó in Nagykanizsa with the flavor “Il Re del Piemonte” (The King of Piedmont)
Description: Piedmont hazelnut gelato with blackberry sauce, crunchy milk chocolate, caramelised hazelnuts

Third place
János Somodi of Florida Fagyizó in Balatonmáriafürdő (Somogy) with the flavor “Torta della nonna” (Nonna’s cake)

GFWM Hungary 2022 winners

The selected gelato artisans will go on to the Hungarian Finals of Gelato Festival scheduled for 2024. Flavor, structure, creativity and presentation are the four parameters used for the evaluation, highlighting the choice of ingredients, the craftsmanship in elaborating the recipe and the visual impact of the gelato (see below the full list of participants).
The jury was composed of: Zsófia Sámson, pastry chef and owner of Mon Petit Dessert Boutique, Budapest; Krisztián Füredi, executive pastry chef at Hisztéria Cukrászda, Budapest; Graziano Cattaneo, chef and owner of Krizia restaurant, Budapest.

1st Hungary national competition for 2022-2025
October, 18th 2022
Budapest, Hungary
Distributor: Bulfoni Bar & Gelato Design

Complete list of participants

Krisztián Lukácsi of Gelato Setteveli in Budapest with the flavor “La mia mandorla” (My almond)

Gábor Által of Cloud 9 Ice Cream Desserts in Budapest with the flavor “Kakaó aranya” (Cacao’s gold)
Description: milk-based gelato made with cocoa bean, topped with crunchy layer of cocoa bean crumble and a cocoa bean honey variegate

Ádám Fazekas of Fazekas Cukrászda in Budapest with the flavor “Il Tiramisù” (The Tiramisu)

Andrea Koncz of Sissi Fagyizó in Godollo (Pest) with the flavor "Alba Gyémántja” (Diamond of Alba)
Description: gelato with truffle, hazelnut, currant, blackberry and red wine

Adam Pataki of Pataki Cukraszda in Erd with the flavor "Dulce hazelnut”
Description: a rendezvous of juicy apricots and roasted hazelnuts with some spices

Attila Vikor of Vikor cukrászda in Tata with the flavor “Zamatos körte”
Description: Pear sorbetto variegated with vanilla, caramelized plums and crunchy pistachios

Balázs Damniczki of Damniczki Cukrászda in Székesfehérvár with the flavor “Spicy hazelnut”

Ágnes Böröczky-Asztalos of Margaréta fagyizó in Balatonszemes with the flavor “L'armonia dei contrari” (The harmony of opposites)

Kristóf Sándor of Bécsi Kávéház és Cukrászda Kft in Győr with the flavor "Csokisfrőccs” (Chocolate spritz)
Description: dark and white chocolate gelato with raspberry ripple and wine

Attila Pálfi of Vitorlás Fagyizó in Balatonmáriafürdő with the flavor “Banana pazza” (Crazy banana)
Description: vegan gelato with bio baked banana, maracuja, homemade salz caramel sauce, and crunchy

Renata Somogyi of Bringatanya Fagyizó, Somogyi Fagylaltműhely in Gyenesdiás (Zala) with the flavor “Perle del sole” (Pearls of the sun)

Jenő Vadócz of Promenád Kávéház in Balatongyörök (Zala) with the flavor “Fresh coconut”

László Ladányi of Ladányi Cukrászda in Szeghalom with the flavor “Lazy Berry”

Gergő Fehér of Love Gelato in Békéscsaba with the flavor “Purpleberry”
Description: dark chocolate sorbet with blackberry and chili topped with with a crunchy chocolate and lyophilized raspberry

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