Simone Bonini and Gianni Tarabini: the gelatiere, the chef and the search for ingredients

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High-quality ingredients for the founder of Carapina and the Chef of La Preséf

There is one thing that the chef and the gelato chef have in common: the great research on ingredients. Simone Bonini, gelato maestro and volcanic creator of Carapina, the gelato concept born in Florence, and Gianni Tarabini, chef of the restaurant La Preséf, a Michelin star restaurant located within the beautiful complex of La Fiorida in Valtellina.

They created some recipes for Carpigiani with ingredients produced or collected in the vicinity of La Fiorida such as wild blueberries, bitto cheese and freshly milked milk. Watching the video you will discover the way in which they have reinterpreted a snack coming directly from the mountains and valleys like in the muffin with wild blueberry sorbet and chocolate crumble or the sandwich with noisette butter ice cream and bitto cheese and Bresaola della Valtellina.

Bonini e Tarabini

What’s your favorite flavor of gelato?

Simone Bonini: “My favorite gelato flavor depends on my mood. If things are a bit bizarre I might try some zabaglione, if I'm feeling peaceful a simple milk flavor. I certainly don't have a favorite, it's linked to the moment of the day.”

Gianni Tarabini: “My favorite gelato flavor is chocolate, because it makes me feel warm, the chocolate flavor reminds me of home because my dad always brought chocolate with him.”

Gianni Tarabini

What’s your first memory about gelato?

Simone Bonini: “My memory is linked to my dad because I had burned my whole hand doing stupid things as a child and he took me out to get a gelato. I couldn't eat it with the spoon so I ate it out of the cup. It still happens to me today, often, if you see me with a cup in hand keep your distance because I'm in the middle of me time.”

Bonini Tarabini De Bellis

What advice do you give to those who want to add gelato to their menu?

Gianni Tarabini: “That you use as a base exceptional products, so everything from milk to cream or berries, or other flavors of gelato, that they only be seasonal products of quality.”

Simone Bonini: “In foodservice to use local products, without getting fancy, product, product, product.”

sandwich con burro noisette, bitto e bresaola Valtellina

Simone, you have been an innovator in the world of gelato. What do you think is still to be discovered?

 Simone Bonini: “There's always a need to innovate, my slogan is "never stop being curious." Gelato can give us so much if you can talk – and I have succeeded – with an open mind, which doesn't mean surprising people but reassuring them with classic, sincere flavors.”




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