Cloud Cups: 100% organic gelato and CBD-infused desserts

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Meet Galen Thomas, the entrepreneur who opened a unique business in Philadelphia

After attending both the Frozen Dessert University program in North Carolina as well as Gelato University in Illinois in 2019, savvy entrepreneur Galen Thomas was able to add artisan gelato to his one-of-a-kind CBD-infused desserts business, launched in 2018.

Cloud Cups mixing

Thomas manufactures his CBD-infused gelato flavors in a central kitchen facility in Philadelphia, and in the fall of 2020 Cloud Cups was being sold at eight stores in Pennsylvania and one each in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

Cloud Cups gelato is 100% organic and comes in 32 flavors, all made using Ready 302 G TRU-2 ice cream and gelato batch freezer. To develop his recipes, Thomas relies on a compact Freeze&Go, which allows him to creato high quality frozen desserts in a small footprint.

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Cloud Cups Galen Thomas

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