The young Michelin star tells us about his love for gelato, ubiquitous in his career as a chef and entrepreneur

A cook who goes all out for gelato. We can not define Lorenzo Cogo otherwise. He is one of the most confirmed talents of Italian cuisine. A Michelin star conquered when he was 25 and a consistent transformation from chef to entrepreneur that led him to move to the center of Vicenza, in the marvelous Piazza dei Signori, to give shape to his dream. In one building he was able to create a bistro with more than a hundred seats, the Garibaldi, a gourmet restaurant, El Coq and a gelato shop overlooking the shopping street. A format that allows the chef and his team to make the most of the potential of gelatos and sorbets, ranging from classic to "gastronomic" recipes for ever new creations.

We interviewed him at Host 2019 and asked him for more details about this love for ice cream, all while preparing a special recipe with white truffle. You can see the full video HERE.


What’s your favorite flavor of gelato?

Lorenzo Cogo: “My favorite gelato flavor is maple syrup. The reason for this is that it reminds me a lot of my travels, when I was traveling around the world. It's one of the ingredients that I've always brought with me and that I really like to use, especially on pancakes. So when I tried it in gelato at a completely different temperature and a completely different flavor I liked it a lot, so it remains one of my favorites and was the first gelato I made in the restaurant El Coq when I opened "way back" in 2011.”


What’s your first memory about gelato?

Lorenzo Cogo: “ I was born in the kitchen and so there was never a first time, I've always eaten gelato, any flavor, today the trends are completely different, the culture of gelato has evolved in a mind-blowing way compared to the 80s and 90s, but in terms of flavors I'd say cream, fiordilatte and stracciatella, just like a kid.


Why add gelato to a fine dining menu?

Lorenzo Cogo: “Well gelato is always part of my menu so we always have the combination gelato and a hot part or at room temperature. So it is very flexible, very versatile, I use gelato from the appetizer to the first course, to dessert of course.”


What advice do you give to those who want to add gelato to their menu?

Lorenzo Cogo: “ The advice I can give is not to make it too sweet, every day customers are asking for a gelato that's less gelato, less sweet, less conventional, and all are increasingly willing to try totally new flavors and different flavor experiences.



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